The duration of the prohibition of layoff can be extended

The duration of the prohibition of removal can be extended
The duration of the prohibition of removal can be extended

With the duration of the layoff ban, which was brought about due to the COVID-19 outbreak and was finally extended for another month, the duration of free leave and cash wage support can be extended until June 2021 if needed.

If the 10-item law proposal submitted by the Justice and Development Party deputies to the Parliament is accepted, the ban will be extended until June 2021. The three-month layoff ban, which began on April 17, was extended until August 17. Under the proposal, the prohibition of layoffs can be extended until June 30, 2021, for a maximum of three months each time. Providing information on the subject, Dr. Istanbul Kültür University, Department of Labor and Social Security Law. Lecturer. Member Ender Demir stated that, if the proposal is enacted, the President's ban on layoffs can be extended until 30 June 2021, the employer's ability to grant unpaid leave and benefit from cash compensation. Dr. Lecturer. Member Demir also stated that the law also included providing premium incentives to employers who returned to the normal working system and postponing the obligation to employ occupational health and safety personnel, which entered into force on 50 July, until the 1 December 31, of the less dangerous workplaces with less than 2023 employees. he.

Free leave and cash fee support can also be extended

Stressing that according to the law proposal, the President may prohibit layoffs by up to 3 months each, until 30 June 2021. Lecturer. Member Demir said, “With the prohibition of layoffs, the duration of free leave and cash compensation support can also be postponed by the President until 30 June 2021. As it can be understood from the proposal, the authorization is given to the President until 30 June 2021 in terms of termination in terms of the prohibition of termination and the application of unpaid leave. The President will be able to extend the prohibition of termination and the application of unpaid leave until 19 June 3 each time, taking into account the country's economic situation, protection of employment, effects and consequences of COVID 30. In order to eliminate some possible hesitations in the proposal of the law, the termination ban will not be applied in cases where the workplace is closed for any reason, the term expires in certain term employment contracts or the service ends and the work ends in the construction works. ” he spoke.

Premium Incentives for Employers Returning to Normal Work

Stating that the workplaces that benefited from the short-time working and unpaid leave application will be provided with premium support if they return to normal work, Dr. Instructor Member Ender Demir said, “According to the law proposal, in private sector workplaces that applied for short-time work or unpaid leave before 1 July 2020, the insured benefiting from short-time working allowance or cash wage support; In the event that short-time work or unpaid leave in workplaces ends and they return to their normal working hours, for a period of three months following the end of the short-time work or unpaid leave, not exceeding 31 December 2020. kazanPremium support will be provided to the employer in the amount of the entire premiums of the insured and employer's share calculated over the lower limit of three. The premiums subject to the support will be covered from the Unemployment Insurance Fund.” said.

The Obligation to Have Occupational Safety Specialist and Occupational Physician Will Be Deferred

Reminding that the obligation to have an occupational safety specialist and an occupational physician has become legal since 50 July 1 in terms of workplaces with less than 2020 employees and less dangerous classes in public institutions. Lecturer. Member Demir said, “However, because many workplaces in this scope are insufficient and unprepared in terms of providing this obligation and accordingly the possibility of facing serious administrative fines; The obligation to have occupational safety specialists and workplace doctors is proposed to be postponed until 31 December 2023 in terms of these workplaces. ” he spoke.

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