ASELSAN, Leader of Defense at ISO 500

aselsan, the leader of defense in iso
aselsan, the leader of defense in iso

ASELSAN, Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) has prepared "Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises List Taking rose to 4'incilig in 11 rows. ASELSAN, the highest EBITDA / EBITDA with the company, while the defense industry firms and took first place in Turkey between Ankara-based companies.

iso prepared for the year 2019 in Turkey according to the Top 500 Industrial Enterprises of research, the Turkish Armed Forces, ASELSAN is the most important source for electronic devices and systems requirements of our security forces, mainly in 12.591.587.725 pounds from production to sales (net) were realized.

11th in the General List

While the company ranked first among the companies operating in the defense sector in the ISO 500 list with its mentioned sale, it ranked 11th in terms of all sectors. All sectors as 2018th overall in the 15 Turkey finds itself place an ordinary company, was increased to four digits with the progress made in 2019.

EBITDA First, Net Profit Third

ASELSAN ranked first in the list with its 4.027.357.359 lira Interest, Amortization and Pre-Tax Profit (EBITDA / EBITDA), and ranked third in the list with 3.686.183.140 lira Term Profit. ASELSAN draws attention with its success in reflecting its strong operating profitability to the profit of the period.

4th in Equity

ASELSAN ranked fourth in the list with its Equity, announced as 10.930.526.033 lira. Continuing its activities with a profitable growth trend, ASELSAN financing this growth with equity instead of financial debts differentiates itself positively from other industrial institutions.

Represents the Capital

ASELSAN also ranked first among Ankara-based companies. Turkey's leading defense company ASELSAN; It is known for its unique development of critical technological capabilities with its own engineer staff, application of the most advanced technologies in its products and regular investment in sustainable R&D. ASELSAN continues its activities in three campuses in Ankara with 59 percent of its engineers and more than 8 thousand employees.

Rising in the World

ASELSAN; Military and Civil Communication Systems, Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems, Electro-Optical Systems, Avionics Systems, Defense and Weapon Systems, Command Control Systems, Naval Systems, Transportation Systems, Security Systems, Energy and Power Management Systems and Health Systems It offers turnkey solutions, including design, development, production, integration, modernization and after-sales services. ASELSAN with its increasing export; It is rising every year in the list of the world's top 100 defense industry companies where it is regularly included and ranks 2019nd as of 52.

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