Native and National Covid-19 Drug from Turkish Scientists

indigenous and national covid medicine from turkish scientists
indigenous and national covid medicine from turkish scientists

Covidien 19 used in the treatment and healing time from 11 days to 4 days hath seen Favipirav the drug is the raw material of disease in a clinical study conducted in China synthesized Turkey's domestic and national drug was manufactured.

Covidien - 19 used in the treatment and the recovery period of the disease in a clinical study conducted in China 11 days to 4 days hath seen the raw material for synthesizing drugs Favipirav named Turkey's domestic and national drug was manufactured. Dr. from Üsküdar University. Lecturer. A team of 32 people, including its member Salih Tuncay as a team leader, is now working on a new drug.

Covidien - 19 days 11 4 treatment of drug raw materials to download as soon as the day was synthesized by Turkish scientists and was manufactured in Turkey. The team producing the drug called Favicovir, Üsküdar University Food Technology Program Head. Lecturer. His member Salih Tuncay was also present.

Shorten the treatment time

Stating that they started their synthesis studies on May 1004, 1 within the scope of TÜBİTAK 2020 project with the collaboration of Medipol University-Atabay Pharmaceutical Industry, Tuncay said, “A drug used in the treatment of Kovid-19, which has been shown to reduce the healing process of the disease from 11 days to 4 days, within TÜBİTAK. a first in public in Turkey, aimed to synthesize the context of university-industry cooperation. In line with this goal, it was aimed to synthesize different antiviral drugs, both locally and nationally, in clinical treatments in our country and abroad, which have been prominent in the healing of the disease. In addition, specific syntheses of different active derivatives of these drugs are carried out simultaneously in the studies. For this purpose, favipiravir drug was produced on a laboratory scale. The industrial license has been completed, its production has been completed and the drug has been licensed on 10 July 2020 as a result of the bioequivalence studies of the drug has been completed immediately ”.

Completed in 32 days with a team of 40

Stating that he is carrying out intensive studies on the total synthesis of active molecules that can be medicines for different diseases, Tuncay said, “I was included in the project as a team leader and researcher for the synthesis of three drugs determined just before the epidemic. Assoc. Dr. Under the leadership of Mustafa Güzel and Zeynep Atabay Taşkent, a team of 12 people, with the participation of 20 people from the academy and 32 from the industry, worked in the production of this drug. Scientists who have done post-doctoral studies from different universities have joined the project as researchers or scholars. With the devoted efforts of the team, we produced the raw material of favipiravir in as short as 40 days. We have made this synthesized drug available for the treatment of patients under the name 'Favicovir' ”.

Another new drug is coming

Saying that the synthesis of the hydroxychloroquine drug as well as the Favipiravir drug has been completed on a laboratory scale, Tuncay continued as follows:

“Work is ongoing rapidly to produce on a large scale, and we have come to an end in optimization efforts for the industrial scale. The studies carried out will contribute to our healthcare sector to provide higher quality service to our people in this challenging process, and will strengthen our country in the fight against pandemics. It will also contribute to our national economy by reducing foreign dependency. ”

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