Imamoglu, 'Channel Istanbul is the Second Threat After the Earthquake'

imamoglu channel is the second threat after istanbul earthquake
Photo: İBB

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu drew attention to the damage that Canal Istanbul will cause to the city in every area and said, “The issue of Canal Istanbul after the earthquake is the second biggest threat for me on behalf of Istanbul. It is a threat in every aspect. It is a threat to economic extravagance. "It is a threat in the name of nature, life, security and national security."

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem Imamoglu attended the meeting to give information about the work carried out by the Istanbul Earthquake Council. Scientists and IMM bureaucrats who formed the Istanbul Earthquake Council attended the meeting held at the campus of Istanbul Planning Agency (İPA) in Florya.

Speaking here, Ekrem İmamoğlu said that the large land used as presidential residence in the past will now bring together different parts of the society by hosting scientific and technical studies.


Emphasizing that the second biggest threat after the earthquake in Istanbul is Kanal Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, “The issue of Kanal Istanbul after the earthquake is the second biggest threat for me, on behalf of Istanbul. It is a threat in every aspect. It is a threat to economic extravagance; "It is a threat to nature, life, security and national security."

"It is also important that this work, which is a threat in many aspects, is also an element that increases the severity and impact of the earthquake and its negative impact on people in terms of life," said İmamoğlu. let me express. I listened to the crying and reproach of the people whose village had been destroyed and whose campus had been destroyed for centuries. In this sense, all of Istanbul and all Turkey also made on behalf of everyone in their field of this evil, I invite you to work in its area of ​​responsibility, "he said.


“The first and most important threat of Istanbul is earthquake” İmamoğlu said the head of the line from the speech: "This issue çözmedik, this problem is not only attack risk by indirmedik down in Istanbul is under a major threat in Turkey. This has a level of violence, unfortunately, that will threaten even our economic independence, especially the threat of life safety. I believe that the earthquake should be carried out in the form of a language mobilization, and the mobilization of its language over politics. Therefore, this subject must have an absolute but absolute independent language. That is, in some way, positions can be created that bind a mayor or keep the language of a mayor unrealistic. It may have prohibitive elements. Or another part of the society, no matter what he says, can get another agreement. Or the same is true of the minister of this country or those in other authorities. Because Turkey is a highly politicized normal upward, even polarized, and even hurled into a pole with the social structure. Whatever you say in such structures, there is an audience that will not want to understand or understand you and will stay away from you. In this regard, the council can come together with all its actors with all its components and even on the earthquake of Istanbul, apart from this council, which the Scientific Committee has created, on the municipality, or - I would like this to be enlarged with different concepts in Istanbul. If there is a saying, I imagine that it will be managed in a way that the representative of the committee there speaks. ”

Mr Sayin told the Minister that the earthquake was above the top

“In my last speech with the Minister of Urbanism, I mentioned the need to coordinate and supervise the earthquake in such an independent environment. In other words, if the science and the mind decide, if we bring it to the IMM Assembly, the CHP group brought it, if we do not want it to be passed, we should consider this work above politics. The Republican People's Party Group brought this, let's not pass this, if we do not want it to be tried, this job should be managed over politics. Or if the AK Party Group is trying to get something through the parliament and oppose it, this should not happen. I really believe that this should be managed with national concepts. In this sense, we made our proposal to the Minister on the basis of this principle. In this sense, we are preparing a suggestion strategy. We want a mechanism that everyone is involved in to produce policies and to make it a unit where everybody is told when something is said about the earthquake in Istanbul. ”


“I strongly oppose the earthquake to materialize on political issues. So we have to achieve this. Of course, we are trying to do great things. I am not going to explain the bad building stock in Istanbul to the participants here. We have scientists who spent their years on this work, here and our teachers who we always expect their support. Therefore, in a place where tens of thousands of buildings will be damaged, the number of casualties prepared and presented to me by Metropolitan Municipality and different institutions is not convincing to me, on behalf of Istanbul. Sometimes, I cannot say tens of thousands, nor can I express the pronunciation forms on it. Unfortunately, I'm afraid for our Istanbul. We set off with an exemplary study on the rapid identification of Istanbul's building stock and confronting it with the society. Of course, we want to manage this holistic action by sharing it with our district municipalities, our muhtars, and our different institutions and organizations, and to conduct their control in the most effective way. We want Istanbul to continue its life, being aware of the earthquake reality every day. ”


“Urban transformation or urban renewal, whatever you call it, unfortunately, the reputation of these concepts is very low in society. So here is something wrong. So we go to a neighborhood; Let's say we're going to bring urban transformation here. Because somewhere it's wrong. There are hundreds of thousands of families and people in Istanbul where there is an earthquake and it is thought that it will be remedied. Because bad examples were kept alive. ”


Speaking before Imamoglu, Tayfun Kahraman, Head of the Department of Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement, continued his speech by saying that the earthquake was one of the first agenda of IMM:
"We have to talk about this agenda, especially in Istanbul, in Turkey, the knowledge generated by our universities, our own work, we want to cooperate with you on how to transfer our laboratory. In this sense, our Science Board has made a very valuable contribution to us. You have given us incredible support in all the work we have done so far. You have supported both the realization of the Earthquake Workshop and later, especially in our ground works, in seismology and microzonation studies that we have started today. This is how our structure determination works. You know, we did a job that has not been done so far, in Istanbul. Again, made with Boğaziçi University Kandilli Observatory; As a result of a 2018 study, you gave us incredible support on the way we set out to identify risk-bearing structures. From now on, we expect your support and guidance on the transformation of structures, both spatially and pointwise, in our groundwork and from now on. This support is very important to us. From now on, with your contributions, we want to do more. ”

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