İmamoğlu, Kanal Istanbul Is Not Crazy, A Project Made By People Who Are Crazy

İmamoğlu, Kanal Istanbul Is Not Crazy, A Project Made By People Who Are Crazy
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IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlumade investigations in Yeniköy and Karaburun, which are among the regions that will be most affected by the Kanal Istanbul project. Making a speech in the village square under the intense interest of the citizens, İmamoğlu said, “A handful of people on behalf of the government who support this work and say 'Absolutely' to this work. I couldn't understand why they wanted it. One of my fellow citizens from here said 'Rant, money, money'. The person who runs the state thinks about the money that will go into the pocket of his nation. It will be both qualified and moral, permanent and halal. So this isn't crazy, it's a project made by crazy people. It has no other name," he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlumade investigations in Yeniköy and Karaburun, which are among the regions that will be most affected by the Kanal Istanbul project in the north. İmamoğlu was greeted by many citizens in Yeniköy with applause and chants of "Ekrem President". İmamoğlu first visited Yeniköy Mukhtar Timur Çevik in his office, and then made a speech to the citizens in the village square.


Underlining that he does not want to come to Yeniköy about such a subject, İmamoğlu said, “What can we produce in this village, what job opportunities we can create in this beautiful neighborhood, which area of ​​agriculture we can develop, how to better live living conditions for the children and young people of our nurses who live here for nearly a hundred years. I would like to come to talk about the point that they can be happy and peaceful. But unfortunately, only 19 villages will be overrun, but also of both our İstanbul'umuzda will pass over our Turkey; I came to talk about a project that will overwhelm both conscientiously, humanely and morally, a project of treachery, and the negativities of Kanal Istanbul. I would not want to have such a meeting. But we will not allow it all together. ”


Indicating that the earthquake and channel Istanbul issues have lost their sleep, İmamoğlu emphasized that the project should not be done. Reminding that he had briefed political party leaders about Kanal Istanbul, Imamoglu stated that Future Party President Ahmet Davutoğlu and DEVA Party President Ali Babacan were also against the project. Noting that he had heard similar words from other names in the government, İmamoğlu said: “Not only what I have heard but also from many politicians who have served or served that political party, from many representatives of the current government that Kanal Istanbul is very harmful, objectionable and meaningless. I heard someone with my ears until their ministerial names. What do you know, worst of all? Most of our citizens don't know this. Anyway, a handful of people who support this business and call it 'Absolute', in the name of power. I couldn't understand what they wanted for. One of my nurses said, "Rant, money, money." The person who ruled the state thinks about the money that will go into the pocket of his nation. It will be both qualified, moral, permanent and halal. ”


Stating that Kanal Istanbul will cause a 360 million square meter area to be completely destroyed and hundreds of billions of pounds of income loss, İmamoğlu said, “For God's sake, I opened an employment office in Sancaktepe today. Because I'm happy when even one person gets a job every day. So far, three of our employment offices have found jobs for nearly 6 people. In this city where 4 out of every 1 young people is not occupied, in this city where 3 out of every 1 young people is unemployed, in this period when the disease changes the world in our country and in the world, during this period when we have millions of unemployed people who cannot bring bread to their home and have a great concern about what their job will be, also channel. God give it a mind. "Its economic impact, trauma is a business that will cause great harm to this city and this country."


Drawing attention to the issues such as urbanization and population growth due to Kanal Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, “You complete the plan as much as a big city, 350 million square meters, 100 thousand, 5 thousand, and a thousand in 6 months; God's servant is unaware. The channel will pass over your village like a bulldozer, there is no news. What did they tell you about Kanal Istanbul? Istanbul is not aware of. 16 million Istanbul people do not know, the peasants do not know. The right to property is sacred. You deactivate the expropriation and the right to property and you plan. Who did you ask? Either we are a nation with an understanding that respects the right of every person, every servant. You ignore everyone here, you don't have a single meeting. We make it our duty to ask our little child from the youngest to the most experienced to park in a neighborhood, in a small place. That's how you run a city. But you will say, 'I decided I will.' "What are you doing, what are you doing, brother?"


Sharing the information that 150 million square meters of agricultural land will be destroyed with the project, İmamoğlu said, “I also distribute seed seedlings to the nation; I become the happiest person in the world because they buy products from their fields. So, you produce people who cannot produce. Let me tell you something? A kilo of tomatoes that you produce in your garden doesn't just feed you, it gives life to humanity. Soil is life, life; to see that space, the green. The world has changed, the understanding of happiness in the world has changed. We ask the children and the youth, 'What do you want first about Istanbul?' Aside from us, adults and children are much more conscious. He says, first solve the earthquake problem, bro. Look, we do research, we ask the university youth; One of both young people said, 'First, solve the earthquake problem of Istanbul. Two, "Protect and develop the green, nature of Istanbul," he says. If there is someone, there will not be a single tree in this ancient city. ”


Underlining that he will fight legally with the Kanal Istanbul project until the last moment, İmamoğlu said: “On this issue, I need your support from each of you. I am a determined man. You all know well that I will never give up. You know well that I will not eat anybody's rights and that I will not give anyone's rights. Therefore, I implore you to not only to the residents of our village here, as I'm speaking to all my fellow countrymen Istanbul Turkey: Today's not the issue; It will cause hundreds of billions of liras out of your pocket; While there are so many unemployed, it will not contribute to any unemployed person; It will cause thousands of people who came from abroad and bought land here to enter money into their pockets and earn billions of liras; Will destroy nature, to be slaughtered and who will betray the big Istanbul to heed this project in all of Turkey, I wish to call on all the legal rights to oppose and block, I want and I invite you. "


After the Yeniköy speech, İmamoğlu moved to Karaburun under the intense interest of the citizens. İmamoğlu, who made a statement near the point where the mouth of the Canal Istanbul to be opened to the Black Sea and the filling areas is planned, said: “Immediately behind the nose, there is an enormous beach and the upper part of Terkos Lake. Very close. We are talking about a 25 kilometers long, 1 kilometer wide embankment. There is the starting point of the channel just after Karaburun. From there we are talking about the filling area of ​​about 15 kilometers. So this is not crazy, this is a project done by someone who is crazy. It has no other name. This is crazy. In the name of a person, in the name of the city, it's crazy, it's crazy, it's a project to really waste a city. Therefore, our anxiety is very high. We have a very precious struggle for the process. I invite everyone to this responsibility to responsibility. These beauties will be something to nature; But nothing will happen to my house, nobody should think. This degeneration is a situation that will destroy Istanbul's water, air and urbanization approach in every aspect. We will fight until the last moment. I will spend a lot of time since the next feast in the villages and neighborhoods of Istanbul. We will mobilize everyone; our objections and the interest and relevance of people… Let everyone who contributed to this process know: I am fighting for the children of this city. I fight for their newborn babies, their children going to primary school, middle school and high school. Because this job is a project that will destroy their future. ”

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