Chinese Market Continues to Make German Automobile Manufacturers Face

genie market continues to make laughs of auto manufacturers
genie market continues to make laughs of auto manufacturers

Chinese car buyers stepped in a bit of brakes in June, when they suddenly rose after the house closed during the pandemic. Sector Association PCA (China Passenger Car Association) reported a decrease of 8 percent in May compared to the previous year before the pandemic, the automobile sector sold 6,5 million passenger cars and He had sold the SUV. Sales in June still increased by 1,68 percent compared to May.

China is the largest car market in the world in terms of Volkswagen (including Audi and Porsche) Daimler and BMW, the automobile factories of Germany, the main automobile manufacturer European country. Covid-19, like all global economies, had a negative impact on Chinese economic life at the beginning of the year. However, the Chinese market has come to life long before the markets of Europe and North America. In contrast, European and especially German car companies started to compensate for their losses with sales in China.

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