Falken New Sincera SN110 Raises Standards on Road Grip

falken raises standards in new handling sincera sec
falken raises standards in new handling sincera sec

Falken Raises Standards in Wear and Wet Ground Handling with the New Sincera SN110 Pattern

Turkey distributor of the PCO Group's his Falken, each equipped with a component of the new technology SINCERA SN110 series of automobile tires, premium tires in outstanding wear and wet grip properties, low-cost long-awaited aims to bring consumers the tools. On the other hand, the new SINCERA SN110 has the “A” tag value for wet performance, while safety is not compromised to improve the tire's wear performance.

Developed by the Japan and Germany R&D teams, Falken's reliable and proven advanced 4D-NANO design process carries the optimum rubber composition needed to provide traction and handling on wet and dry roads while maintaining nano-scale wear rates. The SINCERA SN110, produced by Falken with the latest technology improvements, is expected to be the popular choice of both dealers and end users.

The new SINCERA SN110, which was prepared as a result of a two-year intensive development program carried out by Falken engineers, has succeeded in exceeding its predecessor SINCERA SN832 ECORUN as well as the high-priced premium brands that are considered the best in its class in wet braking performance.

The shape, structure and components of the tire were thoroughly investigated by engineers to meet expectations and goals. By adopting an aerodynamic sidewall structure, layered air flow and turbulence that produce air resistance to increase fuel consumption are reduced. The hemispherical grooves along the ridge pattern are designed to provide even contact pressure to reduce friction and increase mileage. Less distortion in the shoulder blocks was achieved by reducing braking distances with a closed shoulder groove. On the other hand, the flexible capillary grooves and longitudinal grooves in the middle of the tire increase the handling stability and grip even on common poor road surfaces.

SINCERA SN2020 series, which are available in 14 sizes for 16 '- 49' wheels from the beginning of 110, are produced in suitable dimensions for many B and C segments.

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