Emirates Passengers Meet Covid-19 Charges

emirates covers covid costs for passengers
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Emirates is the first airline to offer its passengers free insurance for health and quarantine costs associated with COVID-19, with unparalleled assurance regardless of destination or travel class.

Emirates passengers can travel safely thanks to the company's coverage of health expenses up to 19 EUR and quarantine costs up to 150.000 EUR per day for 14 days, if COVID-100 is diagnosed during their travel.

Emirates Group President and General Manager Sheikh Ahmed Bin Said Al Maktum said: At the direction of UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Emirate of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed, His Holiness, Emirates is proud to pioneer to increase confidence in international travel. While the borders are gradually reopening all over the world, we know that people desire to travel by plane, but seek flexibility and assurance in case something is unpredictable during their journey.

As Emirates, we have worked hard to take action at every step of the journey to reduce the risk of infection, and also revised our reservation policies to offer flexibility. Now, by raising the bar further, we break the ground in the industry and offer our customers free insurance for health and quarantine costs related to COVID-19 worldwide, if needed during their travels. We attach importance to our customers beyond investing on our own behalf and believe that they will be satisfied with this initiative. ”

The first airline to offer free insurance worldwide for costs related to COVID-19

Covering the health and quarantine costs associated with COVID-19, this insurance is offered by Emirates free of charge regardless of travel class and destination. This insurance is valid as of the moment for passengers traveling with Emirates until 31 October 2020 (the first flight must take place on or before 31 October 2020). Valid for 31 days after the first flight of their journey. In this case, if Emirates passengers travel to another city after their arrival at the destination they travel with Emirates, they will still be able to enjoy the additional security provided by this insurance.

Passengers do not have to register or fill out forms before traveling, and they do not have to use this insurance provided by Emirates.

It is sufficient for the relevant passengers who are diagnosed with COVID-19 during their travels to contact the special helpline to benefit from support and insurance.

Information on the hotline number and information on COVID-19 costs www.emirates.com/covıd19assistan by .

Flexibility and assurance

With the gradual reopening of borders during the summer, Emirates also revised its reservation policies to offer its passengers greater flexibility and confidence in their travel plans. Passengers whose travel plans are interrupted due to flight or travel restrictions on COVID-19, can expose their tickets for 24 months and re-book at a later date; they may request a travel coupon to deduct from the amount of tickets they have purchased from Emirates in the future, or request a refund by filling out the online form on Emirates' website or through travel agencies.

Emirates, which currently serves more than 60 destinations on its flight network, allows customers from all over the world to travel easily from Dubai to the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Dubai opens: Emirates passengers can travel to Dubai, which opens its doors again for commercial and recreational visitors, with new airline transportation protocols that protect the health and safety of visitors and communities. For more information on the entry requirements for foreign visitors to Dubai https://www.emirates.com/tr/turkish/help/flying-to-and-from-dubai/ You can visit.

Health and safety first: Emirates ensures that passengers and their employees are safe, both on the ground and in the air, at every step of the journey, by providing a comprehensive set of measures, including the distribution of free hygiene kits, including masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes. For more information on these measures and the services offered on each flight, visit: https://www.emirates.com/tr/turkish/help/your-safety/

Travel restrictions: We remind you that travel restrictions continue. Passengers will only be accepted on flights if they meet the eligibility and entry criteria in their country of travel. Visit: https://www.emirates.com/tr/turkish/help/travel-requirements/

Persons residing in Dubai can check the most current terms at: https://www.emirates.com/tr/turkish/help/flying-to-and-from-dubai/

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