EGİADForeign Trade Attack Continues

egiadin foreign trade attack continues
egiadin foreign trade attack continues

60% of its members have partnerships with foreign partnerships, foreign trade and similar ways, and its portfolio includes companies from industry, agriculture, and service sectors, primarily in textile, food, machinery, construction, automotive, electrical-electronics, iron and steel. EGİADis working hard to close the export gap with the Foreign Trade Ambassadors Program it initiated. Wanting to speed up the process of opening up young business people abroad, to reduce costs in this process and to eliminate the negative effects of Kovid-19 EGİADThis time he addressed the Netherlands with the "Foreign Trade Ambassadors" he started to advise his members on foreign trade.

EGİAD The İzmir İzmir Honorary Consul and the meeting, hosted by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mustafa Aslan, EGİAD Oğuz Özkardeş, one of the founding members, Yavuz Selim Yaşar, NFIA Project Manager, Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency,EGİAD Dutch Foreign Trade Ambassador and EGİAD Elif Kazanan Cun, a member, participated as a speaker.

EGİAD In his opening speech, Chairman of the Board of Directors Mustafa Aslan stated that the Netherlands, where relations have been intense for more than 400 years, has invested 25 billion 402 million Dollars directly in our country and that it has maintained the title of the country that invested most in 2019. Aslan stated that the Dutch companies in our country are considerable, “As of December 2019, 3.214 Dutch companies and 40 liaison offices are operating in our country, including companies and banks such as Unilever, ING Bank, Credit Europa Bank, AGT Netherlands, Achma. Dutch-owned company in Turkey, banking, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, telecommunications, logistics, textile, food, are active in almost all sectors, such as agro-industrial and tourism sectors, "he said.

Netherlands First

Noting that they favor strengthening relations with the Netherlands EGİAD President Aslan said, “15. As the Board of Directors we attach great importance to EGİAD With our Foreign Trade Ambassadors project, our members who want to establish a company abroad or to export directly have already mastered this issue and have foreign investments. EGİAD We planned to strengthen their business networks by bringing their members together. According to Central Bank data, the period 2002-2019 the sum of foreign direct investment in the Netherlands from Turkey is 13 billion 763 million dollars, made our country abroad in terms of foreign direct investment in 2019 is located in the Netherlands in first place. The number of companies founded by Turkish businessmen in the Netherlands is estimated to be around 23 thousand. These entrepreneurs employ approximately 6 thousand people with their total investments of 80 billion Euros and generate a turnover of approximately 8 billion Euros. ” Reminding that the Kovid-19 epidemic affected the exports negatively, Aslan said, “The most important market for our export products is undoubtedly the European Union. Our neighboring countries are followed by Iran and Iraq. We consider that the restrictions or prohibitions likely to be applied in the future in the context of the struggle against the Kovid-19 countries of the European Union will affect our exports negatively; we can say that this situation may affect the exports negatively, especially if the restrictions to be applied by countries in the transit route of goods in exports by road can cause extra delays. ” .

İzmir Honorary Consul of the Netherlands and EGİAD Oğuz Öz, one of the founding members, noted that commercial relations between the two countries are at a very high level and that they are always working with positive intentions to make these relations sustainable and beyond.

EGİAD From Foreign Trade Ambassadors EGİAD Elif Kazanan Cun, Member and Chairman of Onurcan Ambalaj, said in his presentation: “What are the advantages of investing in the Netherlands, what is the economic and financial structure of the country, how is it to establish a company and what is its cost, what are the incentives for foreign direct investment, for experienced and skilled immigrants? 30 Expat Rule, what are the R&D incentives, visa and work permits, how to get a residence permit, how is social life? Cun shared the establishment and investment processes, risks and advantages of the company he founded in the Netherlands in 2017. Gave importance to the Netherlands in the Aegean region and noted that investment opportunities explored C, "we received the most investment from Europe, these countries are hosting strategic location and strong economy with 10 thousand foreign firm that is located in an advantageous partner for Turkey," he said.

NFIA Project Manager Yavuz Selim Yaşar, the Dutch Foreign Investment Agency, which has been operating for 42 years and supports foreign companies and organizations depending on the Ministry of Economy of the Netherlands, said that the country's port infrastructure is number 1 in the world trade and Europe is the most important in connection with the railway. He said that it has great advantages due to its country. Yaşar stated that he created a serious area for IT sectors with around 200 data centers and dominated a highly qualified community with R&D investments. Also, since it takes more than the white-collar migrants from Turkey in recent years he has also stressed that occurs in the upper level of the two countries' relations.

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