World Famous Çeşme Ilıcı Beach Honored With National Blue Flag Award

world renowned body, honored beach honored with national blue flag award
world renowned body, honored beach honored with national blue flag award

The National Blue Flag Award Ceremony organized by TÜRÇEV was held at Çeşme Ilıca Public Beach this year. Speaking at the ceremony, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer“52 Blue, the sign of clean, safe and well-equipped beaches. Bayraklı The beach and its hygienic standards are determined, and the İzmir Çemberli facilities are immaculate in Izmir pandemic days. ”

The National Blue Flag Award Ceremony, organized every year by the Turkish Environmental Education Foundation (TÜRÇEV), was held this year at Çeşme Ilıca Public Beach, hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Çeşme Municipality. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer“Today, we are happy that Ilıca Beach has been awarded a blue flag and that Ilıca Beach Cafe has been included in the orange circle, that is, Ilıca Beach has received a double certificate. We say now is the time for Izmir to swim, sunbathe and have a pleasant holiday. 52 Blue, the sign of clean, safe and well-equipped beaches Bayraklı The beach is clean with its orange-circle businesses, where hygiene standards are set, also in Izmir pandemic days. ”

“Blue Flag is an international environmental award”

With the work carried out by the Blue Flag Coordination Unit established by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, this year, for the first time, the blue bayraklı Today, the blue flag was hoisted with a high level of participation at Çeşme Ilıca Beach, one of the five public beaches that will start to serve. Speaking at the ceremony, President Soyer said, “It is of special importance that Ilıca Public Beach receives this award for the first time and that this ceremony is held in Ilıca, in addition to 12 private facilities at 13 blue flag award-winning sample points in Çeşme. The Blue Flag Program implemented in 50 countries of the world is a very important international environmental award given to beaches and marinas in the tourism sector. The Blue Flag internationally confirms the cleanliness of sea water, the importance given to environmental management, the hygiene and reliability of beaches or marinas. In this period in which we are experiencing a global pandemic, the blue flag application has a very important tourism communication quality for local and foreign tourists. Because in order for a beach to receive a Blue Flag, it must meet many criteria successfully. For this reason, special studies are carried out in the cities, the facilities of the sewage and treatment facilities are improved, and comprehensive studies are carried out to prevent all kinds of dirty flows reaching the sea from the land and the pollution from the sea to the shore ”.

"First time in Turkey was founded in a municipality"

Within the scope of the 2020 awards announced by TÜRÇEV, Soyer 10 Blue in 52 districts in Izmir Bayraklı “Our country ranks third after Spain and Greece in the number of awarded beaches. Our aim in Izmir, blue bayraklı To move our country higher on the world scale by increasing the number of beaches. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Blue Bayraklı In order to ensure the coordination of public beaches and increase the number of public beaches in İzmir, the Blue Flag Coordination Unit has been established. Turkey for the first time within the framework of the work undertaken since the November 2019 this unit was established in a municipality, Blue in Izmir Bayraklı We managed to increase the number of public beaches. With the coordination support of our unit, five more public beaches in Izmir won the Blue Flag this year. Thus, for the first time this summer, Çeşme Ilıca Public Beach, Güzelbahçe 2nd Liman Public Beach, TCDD Urla Education and Recreation Facilities, Urla Blue Beach and Urla Çamlıçay Public Beach, bayraklı will start to serve as. "

“Now we say Izmir time”

Emphasizing that the coronavirus epidemic has changed the priorities of tourists in their holiday preferences, Soyer said, “While the pre-Pandemic beauty of a tourism region, the facilities of the tourism facility or the services it offers were the reason for preference, the health conditions and hygiene conditions of the sea, the facility and the food and beverage establishments of the destination, the priority of the tourists. started to be. For these reasons, we accelerated our work with all our stakeholders in the city to make İzmir a reliable tourism region. We have established a Tourism Hygiene Board. This Board has determined the standards to be applied in the enterprises in İzmir within the framework of national hygiene standards set by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which are applied worldwide. In order to make İzmir and its districts a place where all tourists from Turkey and abroad can come safely, we started the Orange Circle application, the first attempt in our country to set a hygiene standard at the local level. The Orange Circle certificate is becoming widespread every day in many places such as hotels, restaurants, historical Kemeraltı bazaar in Izmir. In summary, we aim to make our city a global tourism destination with all our tourism stakeholders in İzmir. We are now talking about Izmir time for swimming, sunbathing and having a pleasant holiday. ”

“We aim for world first place”

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said, “Tourism is perhaps the biggest challenge in the world in terms of both economic and public perception and determination. It is very important to raise the standards that everyone accepts in this struggle and document your success internationally. The blue flag is also a serious indicator in this sense. As Turkey, we increased the number of blue flag third in the world in 2008 2015 and 2016 we set up a second, "he said. Ersoy said that they are trying to be the first in the world in the blue flag and stated that they will fulfill their responsibilities as a ministry.

Izmir is Turkey's pupil

İzmir Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger said, “The advanced and developed countries are the countries that reconstruct every square centimeter of their homeland and employ the ideal of the country without marginalizing each individual. We each square centimeter of our country, especially to a city zoning became Turkey's Izmir pupil as always we will do good work together, "he said.

TÜRÇEV President Rıza Tevfik Epikmen said, “We had a very good experience this year. A Blue Flag Unit was established within a metropolitan municipality. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer District municipalities by employing 50 lifeguards bayraklı enabled them to start working on their beaches. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality did the same work. I hope all metropolitan municipalities establish a Blue Flag Unit within their structures. Today we are hoisting the blue flag symbolically. This year the blue flag will also be sent on behalf of all 486 beaches and 22 marinas in Turkey. Again, as a result of great efforts, we increased the number of our flags and our third place in the world continues ”.

“May our seas win”

Fountain Mayor Ekrem rate Muammar The National Real Estate from renting municipal agency Ilica Beach last year they offer free services to people with businesses Misc best public beaches of Turkey said that the selection of the happy.

Tuncay Özkan, Deputy Chairman of CHP said, “May the blue flags always win our seas. The Republic of Turkey is a big country, this country will reconstruct things Fountain, Izmir, Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is the place where the sun illuminates something of breed, "he said.

Thank you plaques were awarded

Before the Blue Flag was hoisted, Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Governor of İzmir Yavuz Salim Köşger, Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer and Cesme Mayor Muammer Ekrem Oran a plaque of appreciation. During the ceremony, the coast guard boat waved 10 blue flags symbolically at sea. Doga Deniz Karataş, 4 years old, handed a symbolic blue flag, which she took from the security boat on the shore of the sea, to Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy.

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