Weapon Carrier Vehicle Delivery to Land Forces Continues

land forces continue to deliver sta
land forces continue to deliver sta

FNSS Defense Systems AŞ continues to deliver PARS and KAPLAN STA within the scope of the Weapon Carrier Vehicle (STA) project to the Turkish Land Forces Command.

Launched in line with the needs of the Turkish Land Forces Command, the Weapons Carrier Vehicles (STA) Project continues successfully. FNSS Defense General Manager and CEO Nail KURT announced that 23 STA vehicles were delivered to the Land Forces until 2020 June 26, and the last two vehicles were equipped with the Medium Range Anti-Tank (OMTAS) Missile Tower developed by Roketsan. FNSS rapidly continues its production activities and deliveries of PARS 4×4 and KAPLAN-10 vehicles equipped with Anti-Tank Missiles.

Weapon Carrier Vehicles (STA) Project

Pursuant to the decision taken at the meeting of the Defense Industry Executive Committee on March 9, 2016, FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. The contract negotiations with the company came to an end and the Weapon Carrier Vehicles (STA) Project Contract was signed with a ceremony held in the Presidency of Defense Industries on 27 June 2016.

Tender process within the scope of the project; It is planned to integrate anti-tank missiles, which are in the inventory of the Land Forces Command and developed domestically, into armored vehicles and anti-tank turrets, which will be developed specifically for the project, to increase combat effectiveness. With the project, a total of 260 anti-tank systems, in tracked and wheeled type, will be procured. Developed with modern Fire and Command and Control capabilities, the anti-tank weapon system turrets are equipped with a 7.62 mm machine gun as well as a ready-to-fire anti-tank missile.

FNSS produces the lightest member of the KAPLAN vehicle family as a tracked type (184) and the PARS 4×4 vehicle as a wheeled type (76) anti-tank vehicle within the scope of the STA project. In this context, the first mass production STA delivery was delivered to the Turkish Land Forces Command in March 2020.

STA vehicles use the Russian origin KORNET-E in the inventory of the Turkish Land Forces and the OMTAS Anti-Tank Missile developed by Roketsan with domestic facilities.

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