Continental Return Support System Increases Safety in Traffic

continental turn support system increases safety in traffic
continental turn support system increases safety in traffic

Technology company and premium tire manufacturer Continental increases safety in traffic with the "Turn Assist System" developed for all trucks. This radar-based system, which increases safety in pedestrians and cyclists to a higher level and can be easily mounted in the rearview mirror, minimizes possible accidents by allowing the vehicle to view the area on the sides of the car up to four meters and the rear up to 14 meters.

Continental, which adds a new generation to its new generation technological products, focuses on facilitating the lives of drivers and pedestrians and reducing traffic hazards with its turn support system technology. Developed by continental engineers with advanced technology, the system increases safety in traffic for pedestrians and cyclists. The radar-based system, which can be integrated into the rearview mirrors of all trucks, significantly improves safety at intersections, opening the way for safe driving for drivers and reducing the likelihood of danger. This system, which is produced with the latest technology, is planned to be gradually made mandatory by the European Union in all new trucks by 2024.

High-tech solutions from Continental

Continuing to work on third generation security technology, Continental focuses on providing more proactive safety to traffic-exposed individuals by recognizing the movements of bicycle users and pedestrians by combining radar and camera data with artificial intelligence.

The latest safety technology can be used even on old trucks

“It is an important social responsibility to increase the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, who are more likely to face potential dangers in traffic,” says Gilles Mabire, Director of Continental Commercial Vehicles and Services. Because the number of bicycle users is growing rapidly today. The radar sensor system installed in this rearview mirror, which we developed, can display the area on the sides of the vehicle up to four meters and the rear side up to 14 meters. On the other hand, according to researches; Due to the pandemic, more and more people give up public transport and turn to bicycles. At this point, as the Continental, the return support system we have launched for retrofit applications significantly increases safety by alerting the driver when a pedestrian, bicycle or scooter driver is found in the blind spot of the bus or truck. Also, by 2024, such systems will gradually become mandatory for all new trucks in the European Union. The turn support system technology we developed as Continental can be easily integrated into all vehicles, including old trucks. This paves the way for safe driving for drivers and minimizes the danger for pedestrians and cyclists. ”


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