Who is Cenk Koray?

Who is cenk koray
Who is cenk koray

Cenk Koray, (born August 1, 1944, Adana - date of death July 23, 2000, Istanbul), Turkish TV presenter, actress and newspaper writer.

He studied law at Ankara University. He worked as a lawyer until the age of 24.

He served as a tennis referee for a long time. He drew attention with the shows he performed in the matches he directed and received an offer from TRT. The competition program presented by Halit Kıvanç, the first program of which is “What we know, what we see, what we hear”Was. When Kıvanç went abroad to present an important game on the night of the program, Cenk Koray presented the program instead, and his hosting life started in this way.

Cenk Koray, between 1973 - 1976 Last Havadis He worked in the newspaper. He also tried advertising sometime, but in 1974 he started to serve again. For a long time, he was an entertainer, especially Sunday entertainment programs. It was especially commemorated by the small competitions it offered in these programs. One of the most popular of these competitions is “Tele Box”Was. He continued his presenter until he suffered a heart attack in 1989. He bid farewell to the server in brt.

Later Evening Newspaper 'He worked as a writer in. Cenk Koray, a bold supporter of “Beşiktaş”, was the press spokesperson of Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club for two years.

He wrote in 1994 “Koran - Islam, Atatürk and 19 Miracles”Caused controversy across the country.

A few years before he died, he suffered great pain on August 31, 1996, when his 19-year-old son, Nihat, died in his arms. Cenk Koray died on July 23, 2000 as a result of a heart attack at home. A ceremony was held at Erenköy Galippaşa Mosque on 25 July 2000. After the noon prayer, he was buried in Karacaahmet Cemetery.

Cenk Koray Movies

  • 1987 Family Pension
  • 2000 Abuzer Kadayıf

Cenk Koray books

  • 1995 Rutubet
  • 1996 Koran - Islam, Atatürk and 19 Miracles
  • 1997 Atatürk and Religion

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