Ended at İzmit Bağdat Street

Ended at Izmit BaGdat Street
Ended at Izmit BaGdat Street

📩 02/07/2020 14:08

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is completely renovating the streets needed throughout the city for more comfortable and comfortable transportation of citizens. Infrastructure work was completed by the ISU, and the work on the superstructure in Bağdat Caddesi, Mehmet Ali Paşa Mahallesi, in the Izmit district, has come to an end.


Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to make the roads damaged due to infrastructure services more comfortable. In this context, all superstructure works have been completed, except for illumination works on Bağdat Street in Mehmet Ali Pasa District of Izmit District and the abrasion asphalt pavement, which is the last layer of the street. Within the scope of the renovation works, 945 tons of asphalt pavement was realized.


Within the framework of the works, the Science Affairs Department teams produced 150 thousand 2 meters of borders, 970 thousand 3 tons of pmt pavement and 310 thousand 663 square meters of printed concrete. In addition, 265 cubic meter pavement excavation and XNUMX cubic meter pavement filling work was done.

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