Call of Duty Mobile season 8 'the Forge' begins

call of duty mobilein season starts the forge
call of duty mobilein season starts the forge

With the new season of the game, the "Highrise" map that players know and love from Modern Warfare 2, the Juggernaut mode, new battle ticket, seasonal events and many more content are added to the game.

Updates and new content for the 8th season, which is downloadable for Android and iOS, along with the ticket,

  • New Multiplayer Map - Highrise
  • New Battle Royale Zone - Safehouse
  • Season 8: The Forge Battle Pass - New characters, weapons, content and more
  • New Game Mode - Juggernaut (5vs1 game mode)
  • New Events - '' Summer Days '' and '' The Solstice Has Come ''
  • New Operator Skill - Katana
  • Special challenges for the new Season
  • New in-game content accessible through the shop
  • Various improvements to the interface, balance updates for weapons, and gameplay optimizations.

For more detailed information about the new season and the game CLICK HERE

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