Borusan Otomotiv Motorsport Prepares for 2020 GT4 European Series

Borusan Otomotiv Motorsport continues with the introduction turkiyenin the entire speed
Borusan Otomotiv Motorsport continues with the introduction turkiyenin the entire speed

Borusan Otomotiv by the development of motor sports in Turkey in 2008 and was established to contribute to the promotion of Turkey abroad, Borusan Otomotiv Motorsport, 2020 GT4 continues in full swing to prepare for the European Series. Team Manager Ahmet Köseleci explained the preparation processes they had during the pandemic period on BMW's global press site.

While Borusan Otomotiv Motorsport has contributed to the promotion of our country by finding itself a place in the global press site of BMW as well as the 16 championships it has won, Team Manager Ahmet Köseleci, despite the uneasiness caused by the pandemic era, especially in BOM E-Team's many organizations organized online. He stated that he found a place. He also stated that they took part in various tournaments organized to contribute to the funds created for Covid-19 research.

As Borusan Otomotiv Motorsport, Team Manager Ahmet Köseleci stated that they have been competing in a very intense calendar since the day it was founded and stated that they had time to rest during the pandemic period but they also got a little bored because they were away from the tracks.

Stating that they are looking forward to the first race of GT4 Europe Series on July 25, Köseleci said, “We are used to starting the season in March or April, so we look forward to being on the road again. Imola is one of our favorite tracks and we will race there for the seventh time. We are also very happy that the first race of the season will be there. ”

Ahmet Köseleci, who had the opportunity to explain both the staff of Borusan Otomotiv Motorsport and their successes in detail in BMW's global press site, completed their words by stating that they will compete with two cars for the first time in the new season and they want to be more competitive in the ranking of the general teams.



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