Sacrifice Markets Supervised in the Capital

victim markets were audited in the capital
Photo: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Due to the Festival of Sacrifice approached by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Ankara Agriculture and Forestry Directorate teams, an audit was carried out for the victim markets.

Baðlum KarşıyakaIn the audits carried out in the field of victim sales in Istanbul, criteria such as whether the victims have the necessary documents and whether they are healthy were examined.

Ankara Agriculture and Forestry Manager Bülent Korkmaz said in a statement that the inspections were carried out in the victim markets in 81 provinces with the instructions of Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

Korkmaz stated that animal dispatch documents were inspected at checkpoints, in cooperation with veterinarians and law enforcement officers before entering cities.

“After the animals come to the markets, the vaccination status and referral documents are once again checked at the entrance point of the market in cooperation with the municipal officials and expert veterinarians coming from the provincial and district agricultural directorates. In other words, no animals without vaccines and no referral documents are allowed to enter the market. ”

Korkmaz stated that the slaughtering of the female animal is prohibited except for special conditions, “Because the rootstock is also an important issue for the future of our livestock. Therefore, we do not allow female animal sales and slaughtering in animal markets. Our citizens should be careful in this matter. ” he spoke.

Reminding that the information about the animal, its age and where it comes from, can be easily seen with the “HaySag-Animal Health and Welfare” mobile application launched by the Ministry, Korkmaz noted that citizens can benefit from the application while taking the victim.


Korkmaz stated that the necessary measures have been taken this year in cooperation with the relevant institutions regarding the issues such as distance between tents, wearing masks of the citizens, hand hygiene within the scope of the fight against the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19):

“There are enough animals throughout Ankara and sacrifices are largely sold. Currently, depending on the markets, around 70-80 percent of victims have been sold in Ankara. Prices are in good condition both for the buyer and the seller. Our veterinarians will work with the seizure system during the feast. ”

Emphasizing that the citizens can convey the problems faced in the selection of the victim to the provincial and district directorates of the Ministry, Korkmaz said, “Our citizens should definitely not be victims without vaccines and cubes. Especially the feathers of the victim should be bright, there should be no mouth, runny nose and no problem with the eyes. Our teams will be on duty 7/24 during the victim period. ” used expressions.


Within the framework of the inspections carried out before the feast, the butchers in İzmir are also inspected by the teams of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry.

A total of 910 inspections were carried out in 1400 butchers across the city before the Eid al-Adha.


In the inspections, the teams carry out the cleaning and standard inspections of the equipment to be used frequently during the feast, especially the meat grinders and knives.

The teams, which control the degrees of the meat on the shelves, also provide information about the hygiene rules that should be applied in cold stores.

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