Banaz OSB Establishment Protocol Signed

banaz osb establishment protocol signed
banaz osb establishment protocol signed

Banaz Organized Industrial Zone establishment protocol was signed with a ceremony held in Uşak Governorate.

Governor Funda Kocabıyık, Deputy Governor Muammer Balcı, Banaz District Governor and Deputy Provincial Secretary General Oğuz Alp Çağlar, Head of Provincial General Assembly Nuri Demir, Banaz Mayor Zafer Arpacı, Uşak Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman of the Board Suat Selim Kandemir, Industry and Technology Provincial Director Hakan Topaç attended.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Governor Funda Kocabıyık said that they are working to increase the activities in the industry and trade areas that contribute to economic growth in the province, and that there is an increase in production and employment with the investments made.

Stating that there are 3 organized industrial zones in Uşak, Governor Funda Kocabıyık said, “There are many businesses in Uşak OSB, Uşak Deri (Karma) OSB and Karahallı OSB, and these enterprises make serious contributions to our economy. The parcel occupancy rate in Uşak OIZ is 99 percent, the parcel occupancy rate in Uşak Deri (Karma) OIZ is 100 percent, and the parcel occupancy rate in Karahallı OIZ is 49 percent. For this reason, it was needed to establish a new organized industrial zone. ”

Governor Funda Kocabıyık reminded that the Ministry of Industry and Technology started to work on the establishment of Banaz OIZ, which can provide advantages in terms of product marketing, raw material and workforce supply to the Uşak-İzmir highway, said:

“Banaz OSB, which is expected to meet the needs of our industrialists who are in our city and seeking investment; It is a positive factor for investors that it is close to the Izmir port and electricity distribution lines, the natural gas line passes through this region and the possibility of transportation to be carried out by high-speed train and other train planned to be put into service very soon. By attracting new investments to our region, employment opportunities will be created by creating new job opportunities. In addition, it is aimed for companies to produce in better conditions, to produce planned industrial parcels, to meet the demands of entrepreneurs of this type of parcel in the most economical and favorable conditions, to increase the competitiveness of enterprises with common areas of use, and to increase production level and quality. Our efforts for the establishment of the Organized Industrial Zone in our district of Banaz continue in a planned and targeted manner. Today, we signed the establishment protocol of Banaz OSB. With the completion of the works, our city will have reached the fourth industrial zone. Good luck to our city and our country ”

Following the speech, Banaz OSB Foundation Protocol was signed.

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