First Delivery of ASELSAN's National Radio EHKET to Turkish Armed Forces

First delivery of the national radio station developed by Assel has been delivered to Tskya
First delivery of the national radio station developed by Assel has been delivered to Tskya

With the project initiated by the Defense Industry Directorate, a new radio was developed for the TAF. President of the Presidential Defense Industry. Dr. İsmail Demir announced that the Electronic Warfare Protected Handheld Radio-EHKET, which was delivered to TSK for the first time, was also exported abroad.

President President President's Defense Industry Iron, "Cyprus Peace Operation staying in the foreign country to use the radio of Turkey today, national and original designs communication systems, develops and produces among the few countries in the world"

Within the scope of the TAF Multi-Band Digital Joint Radio Agreement (ÇBSMT) signed between Presidency Defense Industry Directorate and ASELSAN, the tactical and strategic communication needs of land, sea and air elements are met with software based radios developed nationally. A new one has been added to the radios consisting of back, vehicle and fixed center configurations. Electronic Warfare Protected Handheld Radio-EHKET was developed as a new radio model within the scope of the project.

President of the Presidential Defense Industry. Dr. In his statement, İsmail Demir said: “On the 46th anniversary of the Cyprus Peace Operation, I remember our martyrs with mercy and our veterans with gratitude. It was once again seen how indispensable the domestic and national defense industry was in those days and important steps were taken in this regard. The establishment of Aselsan and the production of domestic radios is one of the important turning points of our defense industry. Our defense industry has come to a very different level since then. ASELSAN, which meets the needs of our security forces with new technologies, has recently developed EHKET radios ”.

Demir stated that the small, light, multi-band, multi-functional tactical handheld radio EHKET, which can meet the most difficult audio-data-video communication needs, is designed to adapt to even the most difficult environmental conditions. Demir said, “EHKET radios can transmit high-definition images and videos needed in today's modern battlefields by using the broadband waveform feature even in places where there is no direct line of sight. High level of electronic warfare protection measures, high survivability to EHKET kazanyelling. The first deliveries of the radios with national cryptographic communication were made to the TAF and started to be exported abroad. Turkey, which had to use the radios of foreign countries in the Cyprus Peace Operation, is among the few countries in the world that designs, develops and produces its own national and original communication systems for all land, air and sea platforms with the Software Based Radios it has developed today.

Features of Electronic Warfare Protected Handheld Radio EHKET

  • Voice-data-video communication with high data rate
  • Electronic warfare protected
  • National encrypted
  • High resolution internal camera
  • Lightened magnesium body
  • It is light, small and has a price advantage compared to its counterparts in the world.
  • Communication opportunity from the most extreme units to the command centers with its Network Supported structure
  • Full IP Compatible

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