ASELSAN Receives TSE Covid -19 Safe Production Certificate

aselsan tse covid received a safe production certificate
aselsan tse covid received a safe production certificate

The new type of coronavirus (COVID-2019) epidemic, which has been reported to have started in China at the end of 19, has been declared as a "pandemic" by the World Health Organization.

The Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), which struggled strongly with this outbreak on all platforms, were prepared as a guide for COVID-19 Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines, which will be a guide in the fight of industrial enterprises against COVID-19. The guideline is intended for COVID-19 which is transmitted mainly through droplets or contact in industrial establishments; employees, visitors, suppliers, maintenance staff, etc. It includes hygiene practices for protection and protection, contamination prevention and control recommendations.

TSE aims to document the compliance of companies that meet the conditions in the manual with reliable and hygienic production standards. Within this scope, COVID-19 Safe Production / Safe Service Certificates are given to the enterprises that want to have certificates to be audited and passed the audit in the form of an international quality certificate.

In this context, ASELSAN became the first defense industry company to qualify for COVID-19 Safe Production / Safe Service Certification by fulfilling all the standards set by TSE.

📩 08/07/2020 13:54

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