Ankarakart Operation Centers Closed for Coronary Infusion

ankarakart transaction centers closed due to coronavirus
ankarakart transaction centers closed due to coronavirus

Our Card Processing Centers have been temporarily shut down for the purpose of preventing the Coronavirus (Covid-19) test of a staff member of the EGO General Directorate Motherboard Card Center.

EGO General Directorate main service building, Kızılay, Akköprü, Dikimevi and Beşevler, there are 5 Ankarakart Operation Centers. Currently, a total of 16 personnel work at these tolls. A coronavirus test was performed on all staff at the mentioned points, and this decision was taken for the health of both our employees and citizens until the results were obtained.

Again, disinfection processes that are carried out regularly at all these points are carried out with precision.

As it is known, at the Card Processing Centers, personal card printing, personal card renewal (loss-broken, etc.), visa transactions of personalized cards and balance transfer of the cards are carried out. Our citizens, besides transferring the balance, load the balance through “Başkent Mobil and EGO CEP”; all other businesses and transactions online “ isThey can do it at. In addition, box office and kiosks continue to provide student subscription and card filling services as before.

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