Ankara Police launched Sticker Application in Public Transport Vehicles

ankara zabitasi launched sticker application in public transportation vehicles
ankara zabitasi launched sticker application in public transportation vehicles

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Health Affairs Department teams continue their disinfection efforts in public transportation vehicles that are used by citizens as well as public institutions and organizations. On the other hand, Ankara Police launched a sticker application on the disinfection of vehicles at Yenimahalle (Cento) Minibus Stations, Esenboğa Taxi, Altınpark 413 Public Bus, and the İskitler Service Vehicles. Metropolitan Municipality, which will publish the new application throughout the capital, also distributes hygiene packages.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has provided free hygiene support to both tradesmen and citizens in the public transportation vehicles in the capital city since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic process, continues without interruption during the normalization process.

Health Affairs Department teams continue their intensive disinfection activities in many centers, from taxi to minibus, from bus to metro, including public areas and organizations in the centers and districts of Ankara.

The Police Department launched a new application in the Capital City and started to put stickers ("This public transport vehicle is regularly disinfected with the support of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality") on public transportation vehicles.


For the first time, the Ankara Police carried the sticker application on vehicles in Yenimahalle (Cento) Minibus Stops, Esenboğa Taxi, Altınpark 413 Public Bus, and vehicles at the İskitler Service vehicles.

Ankara Police, which also distributes hygienic packs including masks and hand sanitizers to taxi drivers, minibuses and service tradesmen, will expand this practice throughout the city.

Stating that they distributed a hygiene package to 375 dolmus tradesmen at Yenimahalle (Cento) Dolmus Station and started the sticker application, Zabita Branch Manager Veda Oğan gave the following information:

“As Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we have been with our minibus shopkeepers in the fight against Covid-19. In addition to dolmuscu tradesmen, we also distributed masks and hand disinfectants to our taxi drivers. We affixed the stickers telling that the disinfection procedures of the vehicles were done by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. People of Ankara can use minibuses in peace and peace of mind. ”


Expressing that they are very pleased with the support provided by the Metropolitan Municipality in the pandemic process, Ankara Minibusers' Deputy Chairman Hasan Hüseyin Sertkaya said, “Thank you very much to our Mayor Mansur Yavaş and the Metropolitan Municipality teams, who have been supporting us on every issue since the outbreak began. ''

Speaking to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Mansur Yavaş and the Head of the Police Department, Mustafa Koç, who is the General Secretary of the Chamber of Craftsmen of Ankara Minibuses, Erşan Ağören, said: expressed his satisfaction with the service with the following words:

  • Mehmet Özçelik: “I would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas and his team for distributing masks and hand disinfectants as well as food aid and fuel support.”
  • Mustafa Terzi: "I would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who supported us in our hard times."


While 120 taxis were disinfected at the Esenboğa Taxi Station by the metropolitan teams, Esenboğa Taxi Dealers Cooperative President Hasan Tağluk said, “We could not do business due to the fact that Esenboğa Airport was closed during the coronavirus epidemic. In this challenging process, I would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş and his team, who did not withhold their support from us. " thanked her words.

Metropolitan Municipality, which applied disinfection at 200 service vehicles at the İskitler Shuttle, then made this operation for 413 buses in the first stop at the Altinpark 20 Public Bus stop. The teams will complete the disinfection process of a total of 400 buses in the coming days, and stick the stickers to the vehicles.

Ankara Public Buses Chamber of Craftsmen Ercan Soydaş thanked for the support of the Metropolitan Municipality and said:

“Since the beginning of the pandemic process, the Metropolitan Municipality has carried out hygiene cleaning of the vehicles and distributed mask and hand disinfectant to our friends. Now, stickers have been affixed to show that our vehicles have been disinfected. Our citizens can ride our vehicles with peace of mind. I would like to thank our President for his efforts. ”

Tuncay Elmadağlı, Chairman of the Chamber of Tradesmen of Ankara Service Vehicle Operators, emphasized that the hygiene support of the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş is important for the tradesmen and citizens and said, “Our vehicles are regularly disinfected by the Metropolitan teams.”

While the service driver Sold Sarıcı stated that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has never been able to support his support since the day the coronavirus epidemic started, another service driver Mehmet Yılmaz said, “Ankara Metropolitan Municipality teams did not leave us alone in this process, disinfected our vehicles. Our need for masks and hand sanitizers was constantly met. I extend my thanks to our President, Mansur Yavas ”. Bus driver Yılmaz Öcalan also underlined that they travel safer and healthier thanks to the services prioritizing the public health.

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