Tourism Project Competition will be held for Mount Ararat

Tourism project competition for pain mountain will be organized
Tourism project competition for pain mountain will be organized

Pain Mayor Prosecutor Sayan, Municipalities of Turkey organized by the Association "Global Covidien-19 Post New Normal and Municipal Meetings" is joining the meeting to the teleconference held for Eastern Anatolia Region municipalities Mount Ararat explained the project.

President Sayan 'I have a dream There' projects named after telling the details by Turkey Union of Municipalities and Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Sahin, a study in general for Turkey Mount Ararat as the Union of Municipalities of Turkey in order to bring to a project competition commencing in the summer and winter tourism will take place specified .

also one of the major projects at the meeting, Pain said the mountain is opening up to tourism Chairman Sayan "Noah to introduce it to the world with the flood, however, there are ski slopes on Mount Ararat, in the world by building four thousand meters a gigantic ark and Turkey famous cafes to become a place to open branches, all tourists come to people who love to tourism there is a tea promotion of it, even sharing in social media in Turkey is a very important point for the East's presentation of pain. There are accommodation, paintball fields, bungalow-type hotels, the construction of houses similar to Mardin houses at the foot of Mount Ararat, hobby gardens, the tourist center Ishak Pasha Palace, Meteor Pit, Ice Caves, Urartu Castles, hot springs in Diyadin, Fish Lake trout on red, scaly, Pain Panoramic centers will be established in Noah's Ark, it brought the world into a concept, we can turn to investors in Turkey, I believe that rampant in eastern Anatolia. Starting from the door all the pain I believe we can achieve great success in Turkey will be heartfelt. “He spoke.

Fatma Şahin said, “Let's have a competition about Mount Ararat. Projects I do, let's open the whole project competition in Turkey as the Union of Municipalities. Let's make the project competition as the municipality union, let's get the results of the project competition, let it become tangible first, see what we will do. Let's create an advisory board. My expedite this project, Presidential Culture and chairman of the advisory board of management members to let us, right now a method Turkey project in 1-2 months, let's open competition. " Said.

With the project to be carried out, it is aimed to actively bring the historical and cultural areas in Agri to tourism.

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