Who is Samantha Fox?

Samantha Fox
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Samantha Karen Fox (d. 15 April 1966; London), British female pop singer and model. He was born in London. He is the eldest daughter of John Patrick Fox and Carole Ann Wilken. Studied at St Thomas More RC school; From the age of five he started to take classes at the Anna Scher Theater. When he was 11, he started at Mountview Theater School near his home.


Samantha Fox rose to star level in England with the topless poses she made to the Daily Sun newspaper at the age of 16. He left school in 1984. He did not decline the album offer made to him.

She worked as a model since 1983 until the end of 1987 and has been a singer since 1986. Throughout her career, Samantha Fox has kept her sexy skin in front of her music. Still, he managed to sign many hit songs.

First album in 1986 Touch Me He was entitled to receive gold plaque by entering the lists from the fourth row. Samantha Fox also released in 1988 I Wanna Have Some Fun He won another gold record with his album.

Samantha Fox's albums rose to number 15 in 1 countries, and the artist gave closed box office arena concerts all over the world.

Samantha Fox also starred in several films with names like Pierce Brosnan and Tom Sizemore.

In 1988, with the organization of Ahmet San, he gave a concert to the Turkish fans in Istanbul at the concert guard at Alsancak Stadium in Izmir.

The wife of Samantha Fox, who has a Lesbian relationship with her manager, is “Myra Stratton”.

It has a casino that it operates in Bulgaria.


  • 1986 - Touch me
  • 1986 - Do or do
  • 1987 - Rocking With My Radio
  • 1987 - Samantha Fox
  • 1988 - Love house
  • 1989 - I wanna have some fun
  • 1991 - Just one night
  • 1991 - But the pants stay on
  • 1998 - 21st Century Fox
  • 2005 - Touch me i want your body



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