Denizli Aydın Motorway Tender 8 Postponement This Time Should Be Concluded

tender for the marine aydin highway, which has been postponed once, must be concluded this time
tender for the marine aydin highway, which has been postponed once, must be concluded this time

📩 02/07/2020 12:30

The West Anatolian Industry and Business Associations Federation (BASİFED), the Western Mediterranean Industry and Business Federation (BAKSİFED) and the South Aegean Industry and Business Federation (GESİFED) will publish a joint declaration to make Denizli-Aydın on July 3, 2020. They stated that they were following the stage tender closely and this tender that was postponed 8 times should be concluded this time.

In the declaration published with the signatures of the three federation presidents, “While our federations are carefully watching the tender of the Denizli-Aydın phase of the Izmir-Antalya highway to be held on 11 June 2020, due to the Covid-19 epidemic that the tender is taking place all over the world, the official announcement stating that the companies could not complete the preparatory processes due to the Covid-3 outbreak, Eight times, we were disappointed because it was delayed. ”

The statement published by BAKSİFED Chairman Abdullah Erdoğan, GESİFED Chairman Aysun Nalbant and BASİFED Chairman Seda Kaya Ösen stated that the failure of the Denizli-Aydın highway, which is part of the project that will extend from Izmir to Antalya, has caused many deprivations.

In the statement stated that the highway is an investment not only for Denizli and Aydın, but also for İzmir and Antalya for 50 years, “The highway normally takes 580-6 hours of travel between İzmir and Antalya with the existing 7 km state road, 440 km highway Considering that the number of daily vehicle passes is taken into account, it is undoubted that an enormous savings figure will emerge with its implementation. ”


Business representatives, stating that it is important for Denizli and Aydın, which is an important region with its export, production and employment, to provide easy access and efficient logistics to domestic and foreign markets, said, “Access to İzmir Port, access to Antalya Port, access to airports of three provinces, The trade of the three provinces with each other, with the country and the world cannot be sustained through a road with 54 traffic lights between Aydın and Denizli. ”

It is stated that this highway is important for the healthy transportation of these regions, which come to the fore with their tourism values, provided that Izmir, Denizli, Aydın, Antalya and Antalya, which are clearly stating their goals with the slogan of “City of Fairs and Congresses,” are not limited to trade, industry and tourism, In terms of being a center of scientific studies, hosting various fairs, organizing cultural and artistic activities, the statement stated that there are problems in the Aegean and the Mediterranean, “For the organizers, organizers, guests, domestic and international participants of the activities, there is no highway transportation, access to airports regions are deterrent because of the difficulty and the railway network in need of renovation on the same line ”.


From the 33 business associations in the BASİFED-BAKSİFED and GESİFED families, again as a business world from 5400 members, we expect the first step of the investment to be taken on 3 July 2020 in line with the interests of the region. We are waiting for the first pickaxe to be shot. ”

Business representatives, who said that the tender, which was canceled eight times, will be the follower of possible negative scenarios such as the tender not to be held, even if the contract is not signed. Access to Ankara as often as necessary, integrated meetings and talks with the local administrators of the provinces through our member associations in İzmir-Aydın-Denizli-Antalya, mobilizing the local facilities of our members who take part in active duties in local administrations and professional chambers in the BASİFED-BAKSİFED and GESİFED Families and of course We wish to be a follower of the issue in cooperation with our deputies. Concerning the motorway, they have called on all NGOs that say “this is a country issue” even though we do not have a member. ”

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