The Subject of Sakıp Sabancı International Research Awards in 2021 World After Corona

World after the corona of the year of competing sabanci international research awards
World after the corona of the year of competing sabanci international research awards

Sabanci University Honorary President of the Sakıp Sabancı over Sabanci given annually by the University and social sciences, which is the first international award program in Turkey in the field of Sakip Sabanci International Research Award of the subject in 2021, "Korona After World and Turkey: Pandemic of social, psychological and Political Effects ”. Applications can be made to the award until January 15, 2021.

Within the scope of Sakıp Sabancı International Research Awards, a person who has made significant contributions to the theme of 2021 will be given a Special Jury Prize. In the Article Award category, articles written by researchers under the age of 45 will be awarded. An international and independent jury will be determined by the Article Awards and Jury Special Award winners.

Award Theme

The policies pursued by governments around the world have shown significant differences in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. While some governments have gone on to implement social distance with state of emergency regulations, others have approached this issue as a matter of individual preference and have chosen to persuade their citizens to isolate themselves and have achieved different rates of success. The success of government policies in the fight against pandemics has become increasingly dependent on the behavior of citizens. Civil activism is constrained by the decline in citizens' ability to gather, organize, and intervene. Nevertheless, new civil society actors and a new type of civil activism have emerged to provide basic services such as food and mask, to prevent the spread of inaccurate and harmful information, and to protect disadvantaged and marginalized groups.

What are the social and psychological factors that affect our understanding of the impact of the perceived threat associated with the spread of Covid-19? Pandemic; Has the collective defensive behaviors potentially disrupting harmony, such as stigma, xenophobia, social isolation, fear of losing your job, distrust of the health system and governments, and harmonious social behaviors such as social support, creative collective actions and benevolence?

What are the factors behind such different government policies and citizen behavior in the face of a pandemic? Has the pandemic triggered new government policies and citizen behavior, or has it contributed to the current trends and status quo? What are the effects of social bases such as the prevalence of individual and / or collective lifestyles in different societies in the approach to pandemic? Could the individual autonomy coexist with the collective needs of societies in the face of a pandemic? government and citizens in Turkey were compared with those in other countries how to respond to the pandemic and how these responses can be evaluated? Can responses to pandemic help us better cope with other imminent threats such as climate change?

Articles that address these questions and compare different contexts and historical periods will be evaluated.


As part of the Sakıp Sabancı International Research Awards, a researcher determined by an international and independent jury will receive a Special Jury Award of 25.000 USD. kazanwill ache. In the article category, a certain number of articles selected from among the applications made by the same jury will be awarded 10.000 USD.


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