The Project Expected for Years on Esenboğa Airport is Coming to Life

The project that is expected for years on the way to esenboga airport comes to life
The project that is expected for years on the way to esenboga airport comes to life

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is implementing the bridge junction project in Hasköy to ensure uninterrupted transportation from Esenboğa Airport to the city center and to reduce the traffic density on the existing route.

Metropolitan Municipality struck the first digging to provide uninterrupted transportation to the city center from Esenboğa Airport, which is one of the most important transportation points of Başkent internationally.

Bridge intersection works have started on the Martyr Ömer Halisdemir Boulevard, where the locals have been experiencing traffic problems for years, in the region known as the Fruko Junction among the people in Hasköy.


The bridge interchange project, which was formerly planned for 7 years ago, which will greatly ease the traffic of the Protocol Road, was implemented upon the intense complaints from the citizens and upon the instructions of President Yavas.

Due to the signaling junction on the Şehit Ömer Halisdemir Boulevard, which is connected to the districts of Keçiören, Altındağ and Pursaklar, the increased traffic will be relieved with the realization of the project. Drivers traveling in the direction of Esenboğa Airport with the drivers entering and exiting from the district of Keçiören, Çaldıran and Yeşilöz, will also be able to reach the signalized roundabout under the bridge intersection.


Aiming to make the transportation to Esenboğa Airport uninterrupted by reducing the waiting time at the current intersection, the Metropolitan Municipality will construct the new bridge interchange with a total of 3 lanes, 3 departures and 6 arrivals.

It is aimed to ensure safe passages in traffic and to minimize traffic density with the bridge interchange work planned to be completed in a short time by the Science Affairs Department teams. Drivers who will switch to Çaldıran and Yeşilöz Neighborhoods will also be able to pass by using the 2-lane side roads to be constructed at the bridge junction.

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