A World's First Road and Railway Bridge Opened in China

The first road and railway bridge in the world was opened.
The first road and railway bridge in the world was opened.

Shanghai-Suzhou-Nantong highway and railway bridge, which is built by China completely with its own means and has the characteristics of a highway and railway bridge with the main span of more than one kilometer in the world, came into service yesterday. The bridge, which has many firsts in terms of construction technologies, is a milestone in the construction of the world's railway bridge.

The main opening of the bridge must be at least 100 meters in order to meet the transition requirements of a 900 thousand ton container ship on the Yangtze River. Old technologies allowed 600 meters for the maximum span. Shanghai-Suzhou-Nantong bridge has made a great leap in this regard. The bridge, which took six years to build, has a main span of 92 thousand meters. The two-storey bridge has a six-lane highway on the upper floor and four railway lines on the lower floor.

Yan Zhigang, the chief engineer of the team, who built the bridge, said that this building, which has a foot span of 1.092 meters, is the world's first bridge of this type with an span greater than 1.000 meters.

A series of scientific researches were carried out during the construction of the bridge. Within the scope of the project, 65 patents were received and 14 new construction techniques were used in the project. In bridge construction technologies, the first applications were realized in five subjects.

The 480 thousand-ton steel used for this project is almost 2008 times what is used for the stadium, which is known as the “Bird's Nest” and was built for the 12 Beijing Olympic Games. On the other hand, 2,3 million cubic meters of concrete were also used for the construction of the bridge.

The bridge has been designed to withstand severe storms and even the impact of a 100-ton ship crash. The built bridge is expected to both relax road and rail traffic and contribute to regional integration in the Yangtze River Delta.

Last year, China announced an integrated development draft of the Yangtze River Delta, one of the country's most economically active, open and innovative regions, producing a quarter of the total gross domestic product.

Hibya News Agency

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