The Effect of Pandemic is Expected for Mersin Metro Tender

The effect of the pandemic for the subway tender in Mersin is added.
The effect of the pandemic for the subway tender in Mersin is added.

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer made a landing with the municipal bureaucrats of Soğucak, Bekiralani, Yeniköy and Aladağ, which are rural neighborhoods of the Taurus region. Mayor Seçer, who saw the problems on the spot and listened to them, informed the citizens about the works and projects of the municipality and answered their questions.

Mayor Seçer started his rural neighborhood trips from Soğucak, a municipality in the past. The Mayor of Soğucak, who was welcomed by Yaşar Demir and residents of the neighborhood, said that they planned these trips to listen to the problems and demands of the neighborhoods such as Soğucak, whose population increased in the summer months. Mayor Seçer said, “We know that the mayor cannot be held between the four walls. "In order to be able to intervene locally with problems at the right time, with the right investment, you need to see the problems on the spot."

“We want to do good jobs, permanent jobs”

Stating that they had to stop many investments and projects of the municipality during the pandemic process and started a new working period together with the new normalization period, Mayor Seçer said that Mersin Metropolitan Municipality would just start the investments such as infrastructure, sewage, bridge junction, bridge, road, clean drinking water. he said. President Seçer said:

“It took us 1 year to recover ourselves from an administrative and financial perspective. Every mayor has a management style. It will establish staff according to itself. He has a safe he takes over, he has a debt burden, he will arrange them. Will arrange. In particular, it will review projects that require large money, that is, do not accept errors, and will check ongoing projects. It will finish what needs to be finished. Fulfillment of the promises he made before his election before the election, especially about big investments, starts after that first year. We have no intention of saving the day or deceiving people. We are experienced politicians. Politics is serious business. Politics serious man business. Believe in all my sincerity. We want to do great things. We want to do permanent work. We want to invest by knowing the value of every penny. ”

“Two thirds of Mersin residents are satisfied with the services”

Expressing that Mersin residents are satisfied with the social services and support of education, Mayor Seçer continued his words as follows:

“There are areas, parties that are not satisfied. There are areas where they are satisfied. But when you gather in a row, two-thirds of our citizens have a satisfaction, whether or not they voted for us. Citizen satisfaction is one of our social projects. We have very good practices. Halk Card application is important. We reach the poor. Our support for education is very important and valuable. The fact that the municipality provides educational assistance to every student who goes to university is an indicator of the importance we attach to education and the importance we attach to science. We say that it is the most genuine master of science in life. We say that Mustafa Kemal's path is correct. Therefore, we support the education of our children. There is a delicate line here. We create equal opportunities in education. 4 thousand 334 students prepared for the exam in the study centers of our municipality and entered the exam without any loss. This is important. So, our students are satisfied with our services. We can further expand our social projects. The citizen is satisfied. Poor fukara satisfied. But tough people may not like it. Full does not understand the situation. There are those who underestimate a parcel of food aid we made during the pandemic process because they never needed it. He does not know the feeling and pain of what he needs. But we see it as valuable. We see it important. We entered the home of all our citizens, without making any political distinctions, in the pandemic process. I am extremely comfortable in this regard, both conscientiously and legally. ”

“The foundation of Forum Mersin floor intersection will be laid in autumn”

Some of the citizens said, “There is nothing visible. What did the council do? ” Stating that he has a viewpoint, President Seçer reminded that only MESKİ's 13 projects are continuing.

President Seçer said, “We have done a lot, we do. Currently, MESKI has 13 locations. Rainwater lines were laid in Akkent, in the city center, in Karacailyas. These are serious investments. Likewise in barefoot creek. The problem of decades The problem of sewage sewage is currently being solved. In a very short time, we will lay the foundation for Gözne's 93 million lira treatment and sewerage investments in autumn. MESKİ investments in Kızkalesi, Silifke, Erdemli and all Mersin are currently under construction at 13 points. Construction of Forum storey intersection will begin, which will ease the traffic in Mersin. Your guess is that we will start that construction in autumn, ”he said.

“We expect the effect of the pandemic to pass for the metro tender”

Emphasizing that they have great projects that will add value to Mersin and that the 13,4 km underground rail system to be built between Mezitli and the old bus station, Mayor Seçer said that they are ready to bid for the subway again. President Seçer said, “We have an obligation to find credit from abroad for this big project. We expect the negative conditions of the pandemic to end. We expect the period when the markets are improving, comfortable travel is possible in the world, comfortable working environments are possible, we want to give this job to the companies that can do the best work under the best conditions, the best quality, the cheapest conditions. We will wait for a while and go on the subway tender and the rail system tender in a suitable condition in the coming days. An extremely important project for Mersin. We believe that this project, which will find a solution to the traffic problem experienced by the majority of the people living in the center of Mersin and provide a more comfortable journey, will add a different meaning to Mersin. ”

“We want to solve the problems by talking to our headmen”

Stressing that they cooperate with all district municipalities and support district municipalities without any party distinction, Seçer continued his words as follows:

“We are in an effort to keep our relations with our headmen warm in over 500 rural neighborhoods and to solve the problems of their region by sitting at a table and talking together. If there is a problem in this area, the headman knows better than my head of department. If we walk together with the muhtars, if we work in harmony, if the muhtar wants to contribute to us sincerely, we will provide more effective services, we will provide much more accurate services. ”

Seçer's visit continued with Bekiralani Mahallesi

Answering the questions of Soğucak people, Mayor Seçer then met with the citizens in the Bekiralani Neighborhood. Welcomed with applause and flowers by the Bekiralan Mukhtar Mustafa Tunçer and the residents of the neighborhood, Seçer called out to the citizens after listening to the requests expressed by Muhtar Tunçer.

Expressing that he cares about road quality and road quality in rural areas of Mersin, President Seçer said, “We are reconstructing our road asphalt circle from top to bottom. We make human resources more efficient and more working in the field. This road work is not something to sit in the room. There should be engineers and men who know the job. You also need a machine. Now we have new machine purchases. We completed the purchases for MESKI. It is time for the missing of the Metropolitan. We need a lot of construction equipment. If you do not have a work machine, you cannot do this work. We used approximately 200 thousand tons of asphalt last year. We are going better this year. Our manufacturing has now become better quality. The roads are made in higher quality. When we came to management last year, we lacked these preparations. April is the month when road construction begins. No preparation was made. Believe us, we were like fish out of water. You have no materials, tools are inadequate, we had great difficulties. Despite that, we quickly recovered. We have used all the facilities we have and have done around 200 thousand tons of asphalt work. It will be much more this year and next year. ”

“Such aid was not seen in the history of Mersin”

Giving information to the residents of Bekiralani about the municipality's financial situation, Mayor Seçer said that they reduced their debt stock by 800 million lira within a year. Emphasizing that the municipality provided social services in unprecedented dimensions in Mersin history in the same period, Mayor Seçer said:

“Our social projects gained momentum from the first day. We stand by the poor, the elderly, the disabled, the woman, the child, the student, all the disadvantaged groups. During the pandemic process, 500 thousand people, the elderly, the chronically ill citizens, the meals we take to their homes, Halk Kart, and the training courses we open for our students are important. This is social municipalism and being intertwined with the public. Food aid of 166 thousand 250 parcels we distribute is important and has not been seen in the history of Mersin. This is an indication of how much our municipality gives importance to its citizens and the needy. We're not growing what we're doing, that's what it should be. These will continue increasingly. Until today, we are trying to do better, to increase citizen satisfaction even more. And we do all this with your support. ”

Bekiralani warehouse problem is resolved

Stating that Mekii is working to solve the problem of Bekiralan's water tank, President Seçer said that sewage and package wastewater treatment problems will be included in the investment program in the coming years. Mayor Seçer also said that upon the request of the residents, the cleaning agent and cleaning staff will be increased.

“Let me know the staff who are not working”

President Seçer said, “We are problematic about the staff, we still could not solve it. We still have difficulty in getting the job we want. You check it out. If the staff coming here spraying, cleaning does not do their job, please take the plate and send it to us. Send it to my phone in person on my WhatsApp. They have to serve you. Look, I'm cashing myself to serve you. They also receive salaries from us and they have to work. This is not anyone's father's farm, "he said. Bekiralan residents welcomed President Seçer's words with applause.

“We do not want to make mistakes in the past about the road”

Later, President Seçer met with citizens in the Yeniköy District. Seçer received information from the neighborhood headman İbrahim Tunçer about the problems of the neighborhood. President Seçer said, “We want the roads to be sparkling in our villages, towns, highland roads and in the center. We are in the producing area. Let the products reach the market comfortably, and go to the district with the car of the citizen in a smooth road without bumps. We want to make the road in the standards in civilized societies. Let's make a road, but let's do it high quality. If that road deteriorates again after a year, it means that we do not do our job well, we also waste resources. It is possible to see this in past applications. We don't want to make the same mistake. ”

“If we walk together with Cumhur Alliance, we will solve the problems much more easily”

Giving information about spraying and road works in Yeniköy, President Seçer stated that when the vehicle and equipment park is expanded in the coming days, they will provide more effective services to these neighborhoods. President Seçer continued as follows:

“On the one hand, I can't borrow, I'm doomed to money from Ankara, I have to manage with it. We want the authority to borrow, we have troubles. I hope we exceed. We cannot be grateful to anyone, but we cannot be grateful. If they do, there are courts. We describe our problem. If we walk in the parliament together with Cumhur Alliance, we will solve the problems much more easily. We are also struggling for service. We do not miss anything in front of anyone's eyes. We account for everything in detail. Our debt has decreased by 800 million TL and this is important. The amount of debt of MESKİ and Metropolitan, which was 3 billion TL, decreased to approximately 2 billion two hundred million. This means that there is now a fiscal discipline. Let me give you an example: the amount of fuel used by our Metropolitan within a year is around 120 million of 30 million MESKI. Total 150 million TL. When we came to management, this fuel was bought with a 1 percent cut. 1 percent compensation was made at the refinery's exit price. We are getting a 13.3% crush in the tender we are currently doing. Our savings in our annual fuel consumption is only 17-18 million TL. You have to know the value of this. We are trying to spend the money in the smartest way. We strive to get the best quality goods and services in the most affordable and reasonable payment plan we receive. We are aware that the plague is too big. These coins are entrusted to you. ”

“Prevent theft of water”

The last stop of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer in Toroslar district was Aladağ Mahallesi. Answering the questions of Muhtar Ahmet Ertunç and the residents about road, water and sewage, Mayor Seçer drew attention to the rate of loss in water. Stating that the rate of loss leakage is over 50 percent, Seçer said, “This is due to two reasons. One is that the citizen uses illegal water, that is, steals, and the other is because our networks are unhealthy. Water goes to waste. Our job is to renew unhealthy networks. The duty of my citizen is to ensure that this water that is stolen is not stolen, to help us. If we achieve this, if we decrease our leakage rate, your invoices will decrease. We want the contributions and help of our citizens in this matter. ”

“No municipal employee can discriminate”

Noting that the municipality provides equal service to every neighborhood, every citizen without making any discrimination, Mayor Seçer emphasized that they will not allow any municipal employees or bureaucrats to discriminate.

President Seçer said, “When you make such a case, make a complaint directly to me. We deny such a thing. No head of department, a municipal employee has the right to do so. Our municipal employees have to protect the interests of the municipality and the interests of the public. We need the help of our citizens in this matter. If you see those who use our municipal vehicles inappropriately, let us know those who disrupt the services, deliberately do the services badly, and treat you badly in order to bring down the reputation of our municipality. Let us separate our ways. Let's start the necessary action. Please check them on our behalf. Report incomplete service, ill-treatment, and misuse of the municipal vehicle ”.

Citizens bid farewell to Seçer by reading poetry

Listening to the speech of President Seçer in Aladağ Mahallesi, a citizen named Ertuğrul Tümük read the poem he wrote for President Seçer. A citizen named Ziya Bilgin shared the poem he wrote for Atatürk with President Seçer.

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer was also a guest to the citizens' house in Aladağ District and he baked bread on a sheet with the women who were squeezing in the garden. sohbet did. President Seçer's younger son Efe Seçer also tried to bake bread on a plate. President Seçer then went into a karsambaç shop and ate karsambaç with citizens who went to rural neighborhoods for a picnic. sohbet He.

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