Public Transport After Pandemic Will Be Discussed

Public transportation will be discussed after the pandemic
Public transportation will be discussed after the pandemic

UITP has compiled the most important problems faced by the industry due to the pandemic and related solutions. UITP first webinar of Turkey organized an e-conference series, July 20, 2020 On monday 14:30Secretary General of the Union of Municipalities of Marmara in Turkey. It will be moderated by M. Cemil Arslan. Utku Cihan, Head of Transportation Department of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; The event, where the General Manager of Izmir Metro, Sonmez Alev, and Burulas General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar will participate as speakers, will talk about how to restore the passenger's trust after the pandemic after the COVID-19 outbreak.

In the seminar, which will talk about how to restore passengers' trust after the COVID-19 outbreak on public transport; technical precautions, staff participation, communication with passengers, establishment of emergency preparedness measures for progress will be discussed. UITP Turkey in the e-conference series of the first webinar, experts who will share their experience on how to recover a proportion of their journey in the pre-pandemic; will discuss the importance of staff engagement, communication with passengers and the establishment of forward-looking emergency preparedness measures. In addition to the changing demand losses in transportation, the difficulties experienced by the drivers in dealing with the fear of using public transportation, technical measures and innovative solutions will be presented.

The seminar will provide examples of local emergency solutions for operators, as well as some case studies around the world.

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