Public Transport in Antalya Free During the Holidays

Public transportation in Antalya is free during the holidays
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Antalya Metropolitan Municipality will be at the service of citizens during the Eid al-Adha, just like every holiday. Within the scope of the pandemic measures, the police, fire brigade, cemetery and ASAT teams, especially the environmental health and animal health teams, will be at the beginning of their duties for the comfort, peace and security of the citizens. During the 4-day Eid al-Adha, which will be spent within the social distance rules, the official plate buses operated by the Metropolitan Municipality, Antray and nostalgia tram will also carry free passengers.

Metropolitan Municipality has taken all necessary measures to ensure that the citizens will have a healthy, comfortable and peaceful Eid Festival to be spent within the scope of Pandemic measures. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has taken a decision that will make citizens happy in public transportation in order to ensure that the public can comfortably fulfill the tradition of feasting within social distance rules. The official plate buses operated by the Metropolitan Municipality, Antray and nostalgia tram will carry free passengers during the 4-day Eid al-Adha. On the other hand, 30 buses between Uncalı and Kurşunlu cemeteries will make a free ring between the Uncalı and Kurşunlu cemeteries to make the citizens visit the cemetery more comfortably on Thursday, July 3.


Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural Services Department Animal Health Branch Directorate will provide free sacrificial slaughtering services in 3 places. Citizens will be able to benefit from the slaughtering services on the 1st and 2nd days of the Holiday, in the Animal Market in Döşemealtı Kömürcüler Neighborhood and in the Çarşamba Market in Muratpaşa District Soguksu District in the Thursday Market and Yeşilbahçe District. Under the veterinary control, master butchers will cut the sacrifice, deliver it to its owner in a shattered and sachet form. Slaughter sites will be frequently disinfected by environmental health teams during the day for sacrificial waste that will arise after slaughter.


At the victim cutting points by the Metropolitan Municipality, measures will be implemented for the Kovid-19 outbreak determined by the General Sanitary Board. Appointment system will be applied at the cutting places for more regular and hygienic cuts. Citizens who want to benefit from the free victim slaughter service need to make an appointment by calling 29 08.30 17.30 0552 on weekdays between 918-02 on July 94.


The fever of the citizens coming to the slaughterhouses will be measured, masks, gloves and hand sanitizers will be available at the designated points. Police and security guards will also be present at the slaughterhouses. Attention will be paid to maintaining physical distance.

Victim capture team

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Animal Health Branch Directorate has created an "Animal Capture Team" for the citizens who have abducted their animals from the victim slaughter areas. Citizens will be able to call for help by calling 332 22 33.


During the holiday, the staff working in the Police Department will also be on duty. The teams will tighten their inspections at the establishments that produce and sell food and drinks open on the eve of the holiday, especially before the feast. During the Eid al-Adha, complaints from citizens will be intervened immediately. Citizens will be able to report their complaints to the police station 249 50 84-249 50 75 -ALO 153.


In Uncalı and Kurşunlu cemeteries, religious officials will assist citizens in cemetery visits during the eve and holidays. In 19 districts, the teams made care of hayrays, weed cleaning, maintenance of walking paths, pruning and spraying so that the citizens can make their visits comfortably.


Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Head Office will continue working 42 hours a day with 560 different groups and 24 personnel. Citizens will be able to report the fire call to 112 Emergency Call Center by phone.


ASAT General Directorate will have a sufficient number of personnel on duty to prevent any disruption in water and sewerage services. The teams will be on duty 7/24 during the feast where water consumption is increased and wastewater services are needed extra. Citizens will be able to call ALO ASAT 185 in case of any malfunction. You can also apply to the WhatsApp notification line at 0 530 676 67 67.


Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Health teams will continue their vector struggle during the holiday. Due to fly formations and pandemics that may increase due to animal wastes, cut-off points will be sprayed constantly. Larvae will be prevented by collecting animal wastes from slaughtering points at designated points. The anti-fly teams will be on duty 7/24 in the center and all districts. 2 thousand 300 personnel will be on duty for Antalya residents to have a comfortable holiday.

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