Çalık Explained Malatya's Transportation Problems to Minister Karaismailoğlu

Minister of Foreign Affairs tells Karaismailogl about the transportation problems of Malatya
Minister of Foreign Affairs tells Karaismailogl about the transportation problems of Malatya

AK Party Malatya Deputy and MKYK Member Öznur Çalık met with the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu. During the meeting, it was learned that transportation problems of Malatya, especially the Northern Ring Road Project, were addressed.

While discussing the investments of the Ministry, Northern Ring Road, Airport New Terminal, Beylerderesi Viaduct, Malatya Pütürge Nemrut road, Doğanşehir district center road, projects that are under construction and to be included in the new investment program were discussed.

Çalık reminded that “Malatya was built only 2002 km of divided roads until the end of 36,” We made 2003 km of split roads between 2019-375. Before 2002, a total of 714 km of asphalt road works were carried out in Malatya, we have carried out 15 km of asphalt road works in 4.561 years. ''

Çalık continued his words as follows:'' We connected all four sides of Malatya with divided roads, tunnels, bridges. We paved the way for safe and fast transportation. We built Karahan Tunnel, Erkenek Tunnel, Çebiş and Sarsap tunnels. Our Pütürge Dome Mountain Tunnel Project, asphalt roads of our Doğanşehir and Yazihan districts and our district connection roads are being constructed. While expanding the road network of Malatya, we continued our infrastructure and improvement efforts without slowing down in order to provide security and convenience in transportation.

Deputy Çalık, regarding the northern ring road under construction, said, “The northern ring road is a matter not only for Malatya but also for the surrounding provinces. For a long time, we have been holding our talks, especially our President, regarding the construction of the road. At the last AK Party Central Decision and Board of Directors (MKYK), we submitted our North Ring Road investment to our President. Today we met with our Minister of Transport, Adil Karaismailoğlu. Our Minister gave the necessary instructions for the timely completion and delivery of our Northern Ring Road construction. Currently road construction works from three different points are ongoing. This project is a giant project of 493 Million TL. 20% of the road is currently complete. It will be completely completed in 2022 and will be put into the service of our nation. ”

Çalık also said about the new terminal building: “Passenger traffic of Malatya Airport in 2002 increased from 87 thousand to 2018 thousand in 872. Aircraft traffic increased from 1.096 to 6.645. Malatya air traffic is increasing rapidly, and we have constructed a new runway for Malatya Airport, making our airport able to respond to increasing passenger demand. Now we are building a new and large terminal building based on this large passenger traffic. We had our negotiations for the construction of our new terminal building. For the land of the terminal building, we solved the issue of transferring the land belonging to the Main Jet Base Command. Then we started the project work and now the project work has been completed. As a result of our meetings with the President of State Airports Authority Hüseyin Keskin, Presidential Strategy and Budget President Naci Ağbal and our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, we are bringing our new terminal building to our Malatya. Construction of our terminal building will begin this year. ”

During the meeting, stating that Çalık also addressed the Beylerderesi viaduct, "Beylerderesi viaduct, along with the 16 provinces of Malatya connects the west, one of Turkey's most strategic routes. For Malatya, it is one of the key points connecting the city to the airport and organized industrial zones. There is no alternative for transition if the viaduct closes for maintenance or other reasons. Because the old road, which is an alternative to Beylerderesi Bridge, which provides east-west transportation, is flooded by the Yeşilvadi (Beylerderesi) Dam built on the Beylerderesi by DSI. We had a meeting on Yeşilvadi about building a bridge that would be an alternative to Beylerderesi viaduct. Our Yeşilyurt Municipality also has a bridge project between Yakca and İkizce. We also asked our Minister for their support in this regard, "he said.

Pointing out that the subject of high speed train was also discussed during the meeting, Çalık said, “Our vision for the future is to bring our Malatya to high speed train. We are talking about a giant high speed train project that will cost billions of lira in total, from Sivas to Malatya, from Malatya to Elazığ. And there will be dozens of bridges, tunnels, viaducts, underpasses and overpasses on this line. Project tenders were completed with the EIA reports of the lines. Project survey and drilling works of the section between Sivas Çetinkaya and Malatya have been completed. Tunnel and art structures projects continue. Malatya - Elazığ stage has come to an end in project work. When all this is completed, the High Speed ​​Train project will be offered to be included in the investment program. ” used expressions.

Çalık finally; “I would like to thank our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu for their support. Dear Minister, We will visit our Malatya after the Eid al-Adha and host him. During this visit, we will have the opportunity to examine our investments together with our Minister on the spot. ”

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