World's Largest Slope Settlement Center Kayaşehir Opened To Tourism

Kayasehir, the center of the biggest slope in the world, opened for tourism
Kayasehir, the center of the biggest slope in the world, opened for tourism

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy: "This city of Turkey with the host tissue with tremendous wealth of cultural and historical point of civilizations and one of the world's most exclusive areas."

Minister Ersoy: “Nevşehir Castle and Kayaşehir are starting to welcome their guests with their new face after the cleaning and arrangement works.”

A ceremony was held in Nevsehir with the participation of Minister Ersoy, as the rock-carved historical “Kayaşehir”, which was discovered by chance during the urban transformation works in 2014, was opened to tourism.

Speaking at the ceremony held between the walls of Nevşehir Castle, Minister Ersoy stated that Nevşehir had an important tourism center in its 66th year.

Stating that Kayaşehir is also a unique tourism asset that emerged during the cleaning of the old settlements in the region, Minister Ersoy emphasized that the archaeological excavations in the area yielded data that it is the largest underground settlement area in the world.

Digging in Turkey, indicating that it is possible to encounters with historical value in every field of Ministers hit Ersoy, "You're digging to lay the water pipe beneath the ancient city of tactics. You pass a rail system with a tunnel under the sea, meters away from the sea, there are ancient shipwrecks and treasures. You start building the hotel, you come face to face with one of the most unique mosaics in the world. We are so accustomed to the emergence of centuries-old heritage of civilization from every single piece of soil that has been digged in our country. said.

Stating that the monastery dated to the 120th century and the Byzantine Church built in the 6th century appeared in the cleaning works carried out on an area of ​​12 thousand square meters determined as the first stage, Minister Ersoy stated that the military, religious areas such as waterways, rock-carved tombs, tunnels, shelters and social life spaces were revealed.

Minister Ersoy, who stated that a total of 1271 pieces of historical artifacts obtained in the works in the field were taken under protection at the Nevşehir Museum, continued as follows:

"The host cities of Turkey with the enormous wealth of the cultural fabric and historical point of civilizations and one of the world's most exclusive areas. As a matter of fact, we are still together today on the occasion of bringing an unprecedented cultural presence to the country's tourism. Nevşehir Castle and Kayaşehir begin to welcome its guests with its new face after the cleaning and arrangement works. Anatolian land continues to generously share the countless memories that it has accumulated as a complete and complete witness of human history. We are working day and night to bring these values ​​to our country, share them with the world and protect them and bring them to our future generations. Nevşehir Castle has gained a very different identity with Kayaşehir, and the region has become a serious attraction center. I would like to thank the Mayor of Nevşehir, Mr. Rasim Arı and his colleagues for their meticulous work. I wish it good luck to our country and Nevşehir. ”

Following the speeches of Nevşehir Governor İnci Sezer Becel, AK Party Nevsehir deputies Yücel Menekşe and Mustafa Açıkgöz, CHP Nevsehir Deputy Faruk Sarıaslan and Nevşehir Mayor Rasim Arı, the opening ribbon was cut by Minister Ersoy and the participants.

Before the opening, Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy visited the Cappadocia Area Presidency building, the Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate and the Nevşehir Municipality. Minister Ersoy also made inspections at the Virgin Mary Church, Çanlı Church and Kayaşehir.

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