Turkey's first unmanned Katmerciler Signature Mini Tank on

In the first unmanned Mini Tank turkiyenin signature Katmerciler
In the first unmanned Mini Tank turkiyenin signature Katmerciler

The dynamic power of the defense industry, Katmerciler, the first product of the unmanned land vehicles concept, the remote-controlled unmanned land vehicle, together with Aselsan, joined the armed forces of our country. kazanyelling. The armed unmanned ground vehicle designed as a domestic product makes Turkey one of the few countries in the world in this segment.

Explaining that they signed a serial production contract with Aselsan, Furkan Katmerci said: “The unmanned mini-tank, which is a high quality example of unmanned land vehicles that only few armies in the world can have, has been added to the TAF inventory with the cooperation of Aselsan. kazanWe're proud to have it," he said.

Katmerciler, one of the leading companies of the Turkish defense industry, together with Aselsan, sent the first tracked example of unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) in our country, which are found in very few countries in the world, to the Turkish Armed Forces. kazanyelling. The project, which will be realized under the contractorship of Aselsan, stands out among its counterparts with its domestic feature and superior features.

The entire infrastructure platform, including the remote control communication infrastructure of the armed unmanned ground vehicle, which will begin mass production within the scope of the contract to supply an armed class unmanned ground vehicle, signed between Aselsan and the Presidential Defense Industry Directorate, was developed by Katmerciler. The world's most capable of autonomous driving ability, autonomous use of the vehicle, which can make reconnaissance, surveillance, target detection, can be mounted on any system, including weapons and surveillance systems, can be controlled remotely via satellite connection, and can be used autonomously, has the highest mobility in the road, terrain and climate conditions. will be one of the platforms ahead.

As per the mass production contract signed between Aselsan and Katmerciler, armed unmanned ground vehicles, also called “unmanned mini tanks”, will be delivered to the Land Forces Command in 2021.

Katmerciler and Turkey's Pride

Based on the strategic foresight that ICAs will be of great importance in the future, Katmerciler, which has been conducting R&D studies for this field for many years, first developed the Remote Controlled Shooting Platform (UKAP) and presented it to the sector. Afterwards, Katmerciler, who designed different İKA versions such as border surveillance, logistic support, and the vehicle to be put into a big gun, developed the original design of the armed unmanned ground vehicle with a long-term collaboration with Aselsan in line with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces.

Making a statement following the signing of the supply contract, Katmerciler Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board Furkan Katmerci stated that they first brought the concept of unmanned land vehicles to the agenda five years ago in line with the needs of our country, and said that they introduced the first example of this concept, UKAP, three years ago. UKAP's great acclaim kazanEmphasizing that this is the case, Katmerci noted that since then, they have continuously developed this vehicle in line with the needs of the land forces, and at this point, the UKAP Platform has turned into an "unmanned mini tank" with its upper equipment. Katmerci continued his words as follows:

“In the defense industry, it is essential to minimize the vital threats to military personnel in potential conflict situations. In this framework, especially in recent years, there has been a trend towards unmanned weapon systems in the land, air and naval forces all over the world. With remote control systems, you have the opportunity to remotely fend off and neutralize potential threats while keeping your soldier protected. Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (SİHA), developed with domestic resources in our country, is an extremely successful and remarkable example of this concept in the air force. We, as Katmerciler, aimed to be the carrier of this concept in the ground forces and brought the project to a point where it will go into mass production today. Our unmanned ground vehicles, such as SİHAs, will also be a world-class vehicle, and will be a pioneering vehicle that other armies will want to acquire. The Turkish army will have strengthened its strength with unmanned defense vehicles that can be remotely commanded on land after the air. ”

As a result of the studies they carried out with Aselsan, one of Turkey's technology leader companies, they delivered the first remotely controlled unmanned land vehicle to the land forces. kazanExpressing that they are proud of this project, Katmerci said, “Although many countries in the world have strong armies, the number of countries with SGA technology is very limited. With this vehicle, which is superior to its counterparts in the world, Turkey will be one of the few countries that stand out in this segment. These are proud steps for both Katmerciler and our country.”

Unmanned Mini Tank Premium

The unmanned ground vehicle, which is a product of domestic and Turkish engineering, can show superior performance on all types of terrain and roads. The vehicle with the option of armor can be controlled from a very long distance by satellite connection. With its remote control unit, it can be controlled with all its functions in the near area. The platform, on which various weapon systems can be mounted, offers the opportunity to shoot and hit in motion and on sloping terrain.

The vehicle will be able to detect and destroy the target automatically with the Sarp Dual Remote Stabilized Weapon System developed by Aselsan. The vehicle has a very low thermal trace feature. Suitable for use in day and night, harsh weather conditions and climate, the vehicle has electric and hybrid model options.

The platform offers a wide range of options to the user, with its weapon station with heavy and light weapons, reconnaissance surveillance vehicle, patient and cargo transportation vehicle and configurations that can assist in landing operations.

Despite its compact size, the vehicle, which has a three-tonne load capacity, can successfully perform all of the challenging performance and terrain tests found in high-end armored vehicles.

Lifesaving Functions

It plays an important role in the reduction of casualties by making a silencing shot during evacuation of the injured people, by using the foreground during the first fire in progress or coastal operations in the conflict zone, by counterattack under intensive fire during the evacuation of the items positioned at critical points.

While it helps to carry heavy loads in difficult terrain conditions, it increases the safety of life and reduces the need for personnel by using logistics lines that pass through regions under threat of enemies.

Thanks to its camera systems, it can collect important data for the detection of enemy elements and the discovery of the operation site without loss of life thanks to its low silhouette and thermal trace.

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