2020 Million Lira Environmental Fines Cut In The First Half Of 112

Million Turkish lira was fined in the first half of
Million Turkish lira was fined in the first half of

As a result of the inspections carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, 6 million 112 thousand TL fines were imposed on businesses that opposed the Environmental Law in the first 943 months of the year.

It is stated that inspections continue in 81 provinces within the scope of environmental inspections, and the institutions and organizations across the country, especially the industrial facilities, and the inspections of the central and provincial directorates with 136 inspection vehicles are given 7/24.

In the statement, it was shared that the punishment was cut mostly in the field of waste pollution, that caused waste pollution in the first half of the year and imports waste against the legislation, 345 penalty transactions and 48 million 114 thousand liras were imposed.

It was pointed out that the most penalty after the waste was applied regarding the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), “Those who do not carry out the EIA report and do not meet the rules specified in the EIA report were fined 28 million 904 thousand TL.” expressions were included.

It was stated that the third area where the most criminal action was applied was water pollution, and it was reported that the companies causing water pollution were fined with 3 penalty and 146 million 13 thousand liras.


In the statement, it was stated that the Ministry does not tolerate air pollution-related enterprises, and 129 penal procedures were applied to air-polluting enterprises and 8 million 816 thousand liras were imposed.

The statement, which emphasized that those who cause noise pollution are not impunity, said:

“Ministry officials fined 4 million 337 thousand liras for businesses that exceeded their limit values. 3 million 627 thousand lira for those who pollute the land, 258 thousand lira for the stubble burners and 616 thousand 600 lira for those who do not measure the exhaust emission. In other topics such as unauthorized sand intake, polluting the environment in public places, 4 million 465 thousand liras were fined. In 6 months, the ministry imposed a total of 112 million 943 thousand lira on environmental penalties to organizations that oppose the Environmental Law. ”

It was stated that the environmental penalties almost doubled compared to the same period of the previous year, and the Ministry applied an administrative fine of 6 million lira to the facilities in the first 62 months of last year, and the 6-month environmental penalty applied this year reached 112 million liras.

It was stated that the province with the highest number of penalties during the 6-month period of the year was Istanbul, followed by Ankara, İzmir, Sakarya and Tekirdağ respectively.

It was recorded that 35 million 436 thousand in Istanbul, 18 million 83 thousand in Ankara, 5 million 15 thousand in İzmir, 4 million 229 thousand in Sakarya and 3 million 656 thousand in Tekirdağ were fined.

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