How and Where to Get a Romanian Visa?

Romanian Visa
Romanian Visa

Romania is not among the countries that are members of the Schengen Treaty. Marina Visa Application Center Only a country-specific visa can be obtained instead of a treaty to Romania. Therefore, for the entry procedures to be made in the country Schengen visa Although it is thought to be valid, there may be problems when non-member countries are preferred in exits. The number of people who use this method at risk and try to enter without a visa is quite high. Getting a visa to Romania To send the documents requested by our company will be sufficient.

How to Get a Romanian Visa?

Romanian visa application Thanks to the consulates located in Istanbul or Ankara, it allows you to reach the visa result in just three days. Romanian visa procedures The treaty process to go to 26 different countries from Turkey has a different structure. When you get a visa to Greece, you will be able to travel to other member countries, but Romania does not have this feature because it is not a member.

  • If you enter the country, you must have a visa to travel to the member countries.
  • Visa applications can be made through Romanian consulates. Through most affordable prices in Turkey Romanian visa fees It is possible to travel to the country after the necessary documents are provided.
  • Private meetings with the consulate allow your visa to be issued in just 3 days. We ensure that you do not have any problems with your travel, your document is not lost and that the visa is presented with all the acceptable documents.
  • Marina Visa Application Center within 15 days for students, within 3 days for all our clients who apply for other visa types Romanian visa example We provide services to have visas.

Romanian Visa Types

We continue to provide services at the most affordable prices in many different types of visas, especially when traveling to Romania. Visa consultancy in Romania Our activities need to prepare yourself and wait for your papers in order without the consulates in Turkey are continuing.

Since all documents change in tourist, commercial, student visa, marriage visa and other visa types, we also provide information about which one is needed on your trip. You can always apply to our company and, in addition to Schengen countries, you can also obtain a visa for countries other than the treaty, such as Romania. The fee determined for visas to be traveled to the country is $ 70. Romanian Visa types are as follows, Students, tourist travel, marriage visa, transit, D type and special visit visa types are $ 70 common visa fee.

Romania Tourist Visa:If you want to go to the country for touristic purposes, you can get a 7 or 15 day visa for this type of visa. 1 month, 3 months, residence visa, visa can be obtained for Romania in case of application with different visa types and reasons for obtaining a visa within the time determined by the consulate.

Romanian Work Visa: You must have received an invitation with whichever workplace you will work, along with a document that you will work in Romania. It is requested to have a photocopy of your identity card, passport, two photos, a document stating your travel purpose, proof of accommodation, a copy of your passport, a copy of the bank passbook original e, a document showing the income of the last three months. The remaining documents will be completed by our company and then an application will be made to the Romanian Consulate.

Romanian Education Visa: If you want to continue your education in institutions in Romania, you should receive an invitation from an equivalent Romanian school from the school you are studying at the moment. If the incoming invitation letter, education for the European Union programs, the special program will continue, you must prepare a copy of your identity, a copy of your passport, the original and photocopy of the bank passbook, and a document showing the income of the last three months. You can get a visa for education with a document stating your travel purpose, a special acceptance letter issued by the Romanian Ministry of Education, a passport, an application form and two photos.

Romanian Marriage Visa: Those who are married to a Romanian citizen must obtain a marriage visa to take the first step towards citizenship. Unlike tourist visas, it is possible to get a permanent residence permit in the country after a while. The address of your spouse in Romania, the Romanian marriage certificate or ID copy of your Romanian spouse with the passport, the criminal record must be original and dated. 7 months travel health insurance and online application form will be provided by our company. A commercial photocopy of the commercial registry newspaper, photocopy of the first page of the passport, photocopy of identity, population registration sample, SSI entry declaration, passport, 2 photographs.

Romania Express Visa: In applications to be made to the consulate, it cannot be requested to shorten the deadline for the visa as soon as possible. Transactions are always terminated at the latest within three working days, except for students. You can get a visa for a period of 7 days, 15 days, 1 month, 1 year or by the consulate. Visa can be issued at the earliest in 3 days after visa application procedures for all private visits, commercial, d-type, student and touristic travels.

Romania Commercial Visa: We also request documents from the institution in Romania in the service we provide to individuals who want to go to Romania to carry out commercial activities. You must have your passport, your application form, 6 photos with a white background taken no later than 2 months ago, travel purpose documents written by the person authorized to sign on the company's letterhead.

Photocopy of the first page of the passport, photocopy of identity card, original and photocopy of your bank passbook, SSI recruitment declaration or SSK recruitment document, activity certificate for the last three months, photocopy of the company's current signature circular, photocopy of the commercial register newspaper, at least 30 thousand A Euro-guaranteed health insurance document is required. If there is a company where you can make commercial visa procedures, it is requested to have an invitation.

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