Transfer Delivery Protocol Signed For Gördes Dam

Handover protocol signed for the gordes dam
Handover protocol signed for the gordes dam

Transfer delivery protocol of Gördes Dam was signed between İZSU and General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) regarding transmission and transmission lines that supply drinking water to İzmir. The facilities manufactured by DSI to convey Gördes' water to İzmir were transferred to İZSU General Directorate with this protocol.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate has completed its works for the inclusion of water from Gördes Dam into the drinking water network, and DSİ General Directorate has completed its work to transport water to İzmir. A transfer protocol was signed for the facilities, which were completed between the two institutions. IZSU General Manager Aysel Özkan and DSİ 2. Regional Manager Birol Çınar, who came together for the signature program, wished that the cooperation would be beneficial for İzmir.

What Does the Protocol Cover?

Within the scope of the handover delivery protocol of İzmir Drinking Water 2. Stage Transmission Line 2. Section Construction and İzmir Transmission Line 3. Section works, 65 meters long steel pipeline, Çambel Pump Station, 200 thousand m5 volume Cambel Loading Warehouse, 2 thousand 105 meters length of concrete coated Kavaklıdere Tunnel, İzmir Drinking Water Transmission Line 3rd Section Construction, 17 km long transmission line, 3 meter diameter thousand 900 meter tunnel and 20 thousand mva capacity Bornova Warehouse and all art structures within the scope of both transmission lines were transferred to İZSU. Accordingly, İZSU General Directorate will have a sufficient number of technical and auxiliary personnel for the operation, maintenance, cleaning and protection of these facilities.

Water needs of 1 million people will be met

Approximately 250 million cubic meters of İzmir's needs, which provide 85 million cubic meters of water annually, are met from Tahtalı Dam. It is aimed to supply 120 million cubic meters of water per year from Gördes Dam to 59 million cubic meters of water and to meet the water needs of 1 million people annually. The remaining amount will be used for irrigation of 14 hectares of agricultural land in Akhisar, Saruhanlı and Gölmarmara.

In addition, with the additional transmission lines and system revisions, uninterrupted water service will be provided to the city, especially in Bornova and Buca districts, in case of potential malfunctions in Tahtalı Dam.

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