Improvement in Covid-19 Vaccine Studies in China

Development in covid vaccine studies
Development in covid vaccine studies

It was announced that good results were obtained in the second stage of the clinical trials of one of the Covid-19 vaccines, whose studies were conducted in China. In the thesis, which was prepared by a Chinese research team and published in the UK-based journal The Lancet, it was noted that the covid-19 vaccine developed by the team started the second phase of clinical trials, the results obtained showed that the vaccine was safe and that the vaccine could provide immunity to the new type of coronavirus in the human body.

According to the information in the thesis, more than 55 volunteers, including people over the age of 500, participated in the second phase of the clinical trials conducted in China, and the size of the participants was wider than the first stage. Experiments are aimed at establishing immunity against the new type of coronavirus in the human body and whether it is safe. The results of the experiments show that the vaccine gives good results on both mentioned issues.

According to the information provided by The Lancet magazine, approximately 250 types of Covid-19 vaccines are currently being developed worldwide, and at least 17 of them are in clinical trial phase.

Clinical experiments mentioned in the thesis are academician Chen Wei from Chinese Institute of Military Sciences and Professor from Jiangsu Province Disease Control Center. It is conducted under the leadership of Zhu Fengcai.

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