About Eyüp Sultan Mosque and Tomb

Where is Eyup Sultan Mosque and Turbesi
Where is Eyup Sultan Mosque and Turbesi

Eyüp Sultan Mosque is a mosque located in the Eyüpsultan district in Istanbul, on the shores of the Golden Horn, is a sacred place of visit.

Eyüp Sultan Mosque is rectangular in plan and its altar is protruding. The central dome rests on six columns and two filaments based on arches, there is a half dome around it, the tomb of Eyüp Sultan in the middle, a fountain at the foot of its sarcophagus, and a century-old plane tree in the middle of the courtyard.

The minarets of the mosque, which were repaired several times after 1458, were short before, new long minarets were built in 1733. The sea side minaret was rebuilt in 1823 because it was damaged by lightning.

Sinan Pasha pavilion in front of the sentence door was demolished in 1798. There is a set with a fence and a grass sofa in the shade of a big plane tree in its place. There are four fountains at the four corners of the fence. These are called hacat fountains, the fatality fountains. Sultan III, who opened the mosque after prayer and performed prayers. Since it is Selim Mevlevi, there are Mevlevi coins on the bars.

The outer courtyard has two gates leading to the street. The inner courtyard is based on the 12 column. The center of the courtyard is the fountain. The single-domed tomb, 13 corner. In the tomb, the embroidery has a degree of happiness and a fountain on the right.

Mihrab is an eyvah, pulpit is marble. Except the Mihrab side, it has three sides. In front of the last congregation place there is a portico with 6 columns and 7 domes. First order of 9 sequential inscription on the marble sentence gate:

Zehi almighty warrant gerdgar zilli Rabbani
Cerephasis jihandaranı transfer of the century king
Menarı nurfeşan sultan selim inn bülend ikbal
Know that Gülbank has even recovered pure sentence.

So many tombs, tombs, sarcophagi are not intertwined in another mosque. The cypresses and cemeteries make the mosque surroundings an ethereal place. Necip Fazıl, Fevzi Çakmak, Ferhat Pasha, Mehmet Pasha, Siyavus Pasha, Besir Fuad, Ahmet Hasim, Ziya Osman Saba, Sokullu Mehmet Pasha lie here.

After Fatih, sultans had been equipped with swords in Eyüp Sultan Mosque for centuries. Fatih started this, and Akşemseddin surrounded the first sword. The Sultans came to the Bostan pier by boat from Sinan Pasha Mansion, prayed two rak'ahs in the mosque, surrounded the sheikhulislam sword.

There is a fountain in the outer courtyard of the mosque. It has three windows. Since sherbet is distributed on holidays and special days, it is called sherbet. In addition, the mosque is located in the logo of the municipality as it is the symbol of the Eyüpsultan district where it is located. The municipality logo has been changed from time to time, but the only thing left in the logo is the Eyüp Sultan Mosque silhouette.


In the imaret built by Fatih Sultan Mehmed around Eyup Mosque, food was cooked twice a day. On regular days, rice and wheat meals were served, while in Ramadan, meat dishes were distributed. On special days, on Friday and oil lamps, turmeric and pellets, pilaf was taken out and given to the poor.

Evliya Çelebi and mosque

Evliya Çelebi's account of Eyüp Sultan Mosque: “The city of Eyüp is on the west side of Istanbul. It is nine miles from Istanbul by sea and two hours from land. But again adjacent to Istanbul and there is never any vacant land in between. It is a complete product. But it is another government. According to the law of Fatih, there are five hundred maple branches… The opposite side is the town of Sütlüce, across the sea. A cross between arrows is the place. Eyüb Sultan Mosque: This is the structure of Fatih Sultan Mehmed Han, which gave his reward to Ebu Eyyûb el-Ensarî. It was built in a flat place on the ensari, near the seaside. It is a dome. There is another half dome on the altar. However, it is not so high. There are no columns in the mosque. There are solid arches around the middle dome. Its altar and pulpit are not artistic. The doner kebab is on the right. It has two doors. One is the side door on the right and the other is the Qibla door. The following date is inscribed on a marble on the qibla gate: this is hamden lillah beyti built. It has two minarets on the right and left. Three sides of the courtyard are decorated with rooms. In the middle there is congregation. Between this maxure and the tomb of Eba Eyüp, there are two plane trees extending to the skies that worship in the shadow of the congregation. This courtyard also has two doors. There is another large courtyard outside the western gate. There are seven large plane trees with mulberry and other trees inside. There are ablution taps on both sides of this courtyard. Apart from this mosque, there are about eighty masjids in the city, four of which are the structures of Mimar Sinan. ”

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