6 Scrap Vehicles Drawn in 184 Months in Izmir

Scrap vehicle pulled monthly in Izmir
Scrap vehicle pulled monthly in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality gathered 184 scrap vehicles, which prevent traffic flow throughout the city, create security problems especially in school environments and cause visual and environmental pollution, at the Scrap Vehicle Center it established in Menemen. The Scrap Vehicle Center was established 6 months ago.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality collects scrap vehicles that are abandoned in various parts of the city and cause security problems in addition to environmental pollution. 6 vehicles have been towed to the Scrap Vehicle Center, which was established 184 months ago by the Metropolitan Municipality.

According to Article 122 of the Highway Traffic Law, vehicles that have the nature of scrap are determined by the district municipalities, and the police department determines their ownership information. An announcement is then made to the owners to lift the vehicles within seven days. Vehicles that are not removed within the specified period are taken to the 13 square meter Scrap Vehicle Center in Menemen by the Police Department.

Gökhan Daca, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Police Police Department Manager, said, “There are vehicles left in areas such as street, street, square, boulevard or front of school that have become unusable for any reason. These vehicles have many disadvantages, from traffic flow to environmental and visual pollution, and even some public order problems. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has covered a significant distance for the collection of these vehicles with the Scrap Vehicle Center opened in Menemen. ”

“Unacquired vehicles are reintroduced to the economy. kazansquealing”

Gökhan Daca stated that after the seven-day period determined for the removal of the scrap vehicles, if these vehicles are not removed, criminal action is applied in accordance with the Misdemeanor Law, and then they are taken by the tow trucks of the Metropolitan Municipality and taken to the Scrap Vehicle Center. Gökhan Daca said, “The vehicles brought to the center stay here for 6 months. During this period, vehicle owners can apply to the İzmir Police Department and receive their vehicles with a document they will receive from the Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate. Vehicles that are not withdrawn at the end of 6 months are sent to the Machinery and Chemistry Industry with the cooperation of the Police Department and the Ministry of Finance and contribute to the economy. kazanhe is shouting.”

184 of 10 vehicles withdrawn by teams from the previous January were taken back by the owners.

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