4 Scenarios About Opening Schools

Scenario for the opening of schools
Scenario for the opening of schools

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk said that they know that they touch the future of a child in every decision they make during the pandemic process.

“We will never let any of our teachers or children be in a situation where they would be at risk. It should not even be a question of discussion. " Minister Selçuk said that they consulted physicians week by week before taking the decision, and that they watched the tables in other countries daily. Stating that deciding on the opening date of schools has now turned into a “national issue”, Selçuk said, “Believe this, trust the society, if there is no data when making such a decision, we will never make a decision in this or that direction, … Let the society strongly believe in this and see that we have made the decision to be made on these matters very carefully. " He spoke in the form.

"We make the healthiest decision for our children, for our teachers"

Stating that schools should be approached as a “holistic ecosystem”, Selçuk said: “When we look at our relations with the Scientific Committee, when we look at what is happening in the society, when we look at our teachers and administrators in the provinces, our self-confidence rises. We say 'We have this job, we are after it.' If it is necessary not to open it, it is about not opening, if it is necessary to open it… I would like to emphasize this: Our aim is to open and open schools. For this, we are in a great effort to improve all kinds of conditions. Our main intention is to open schools because it is natural. Of course, when talking about normalization everywhere, it will not be possible to have a total restriction on schools, in cinemas, markets, markets, streets, sports, arts and so on. We follow up on this and make the healthiest decision for our children and teachers. "

When Minister Selçuk asked Ahmet Hakan to open the schools on August 31st, he said, “We are preparing for him and we are ready for him. Very clear." he spoke. Ziya Selçuk reminded that there were statements that there would be an explosion in the number of cases before LGS, "There was no explosion after LGS." used the expression. Stating that 1 million 473 thousand children took the exam, Selçuk said, “Only one of our children was detected. The system works so well that the child who is tested for the afternoon test drops to the computer at 1:10.00 in the morning. They call us from the Ministry of Health at 10.00 after 5. It's about a single kid. We took our measures immediately, as soon as the first session is over. " said.

Outbreak standard to schools

Minister Selçuk noted that with the control manual they prepared with the TSE, the hygiene standards of all areas of the schools were issued, "We will start to implement this with the protocol we will sign with the Minister of Industry and Technology, Mr. Mustafa Varank." shared his knowledge. Minister Ziya Selçuk, the Ministry of Industry and Turkish Standards garden all schools across Turkey with the Institute of teachers room, up to the door handle sink stating that they remove the standard of each point, the words continued as follows: "The checklists were prepared, the book came out. Thanks to 2 thousand inspectors and trainers, the directors and teachers of each school will manage the school through these checklists. All of them have this list as a book or digitally. There are details of each place by place. Class, corridor, garden, out-of-school, home-related issues… Somehow, what should be paid attention to in the teachers' room, what should be paid attention to in the toilets, what are the basic standards regarding wet floors are all about them ... "

Explaining that they have accustomed the schools to these standards in the LGS process, Selçuk underlined that the standard has been set for what should be paid attention from the entrance to the school.
Vocational high schools produce masks

Stating that the disinfectants and masks needed during the pandemic process are produced by vocational high schools, Minister Selçuk noted that they no longer buy these products from outside, even they give them to the outside. Selçuk reported that machines that produce masks and respirators are also produced in vocational high schools. Selçuk said that as of this week, they sent 31 out of 4 books to be sent to schools on 3 August.

"There are 4 scenarios we are working on"

Minister Ziya Selçuk explained that they are working on 4 scenarios for how the education system will function during the pandemic process. Stating that in one of these scenarios, what to do if the schools are fully open without restrictions, Selçuk said that in the second scenario, the schools are completely closed and the lessons continue to be given online. Describing the third scenario as "Diluted", Selçuk noted that there are alternatives in this scenario, such as the school being open on certain days, the class size coming to the classroom on different days, reducing the class hours, diluting the curriculum, and watching some of the lessons online at school and some at home.

Selçuk shared that in the fourth scenario, precautions were taken only in risky provinces and the implementation of the unrestricted system was discussed in the rest. Asking that these scenarios should not be perceived as final issues, Minister Selçuk said, “This is not a finalized thing, this is a scenario. We are prepared for any situation. Under the leadership of our President, the Cabinet will convene, just as all ministries are holding on to this issue with all hands, so does National Education. After our President sees all the data, a decision emerges with the discussions he made in the Cabinet and the consultations. We make this decision with the community, 'We will do this.' we will share, when the time comes. " said.

"We are building an incredible infrastructure in the live class"

Ministers Selcuk, Turkey's success in capturing the gold circling in the distance education in Turkey in this regard "a professional place to" go and stressed that he said: "We are building an unbelievable infrastructure in the live course. In the world, states across the country as the only country capable of living course Turkey. They exist in private schools or exist regionally. It is partially in cities. I'm talking about the national scale. Let's say if we are talking about America, I am talking about the whole of America, the whole of China, and the whole of France. In Turkey all have such an able. The teacher can conduct live lessons. We can do that. We have some constraints. We are also aware of it, we have deficiencies, we are aware of it, we are trying to deal with them. The teacher can come to school every day as if he is teaching at school, teach his lesson there, and the child can watch him live from home. We do this. We are ready for this. Only certain children have problems with access from their home. We are trying to fix this. "

1 million goals in live education

He said three-quarters of the students that live in Turkey Selcuk access to education, "Sept. 1 million are going. This is a worldwide business. We are very proud in this respect. " said.

Ministers Selcuk, Turkey has no place on television in some places distributed to television, computers in schools without computer access to students also said they had embezzled the money.

Minister Selçuk asked about what criteria the risk is based on for National Education in the epidemic, and said, “It may not always be possible to make a forecast for the future. This figure is that day, but when you look at the general line, also looking at the trends in the world… The data on the fall of the curve shows itself in days and weeks. There is Eid al-Adha. If Allah permits, we will also realize this holiday. Does the table change if the mask, distance and cleaning rules are not followed after this holiday and there is a big jump? Do the decisions change? It depends. We are not talking numbers. We are talking on principles. Health professionals tell us what we should pay attention to in principle. " found in the evaluations.

Selçuk, "Isn't the uncertainty about opening schools motivating?" “Sometimes uncertainty is an invitation to struggle for some. Whatever comes, we will work and do it. For some, it's incredibly bad. This is a very relevant issue with personality structure. We see that their parents' attitude is shaped accordingly. This uncertainty is of course demotivating, of course it leads to inhibition. We said, 'You are right.' we say. We established a psychosocial support line for you, engaged our psychological counseling and guidance experts 24 hours a day, and published parent and youth guides. We did hundreds of things to relieve that uncertainty. Is there any uncertainty? There is. This uncertainty also exists for the Scientific Committee. It is also uncertain for the world. We will shoulder this together. We'll come side by side, stand up straight and 'We'll all succeed together.' we will say. If we don't trust each other, our children will suffer in this uncertainty. If the family is worried with the child, the child will worry more. "

Expressing that they look at the children of the nation with the eyes of trust, Selçuk said that they look at the concept of trust in another way. Expressing that the trust is a divine responsibility, Selçuk noted that they look at the children as their pupils. Emphasizing that the necessary problems will always be made about the existing problems, Selçuk wanted the families to be good cheers. Selçuk explained that she trusted her teachers and administrators and said that everything would be done together.

Measures to be taken in school services

Minister Selçuk stated that studies were also carried out on the measures to be taken in the school buses and said: “We established an epidemic board in every school related to the daily cleaning of the service vehicles. This board is at the district, provincial level… Representative of the provincial health directorate… In schools, a council consisting of the deputy principal and teachers is also formed. These are the classrooms of the school, the cleaning of the door handles, the cleaning of the toilets, the service vehicles, the equipment in the garden, and the checklists related to these will be checked whether there are any deficiencies or not. Of course, about the services… "

Moving education

Mentioning about bussed education, Minister Selcuk said, “We have a very significant amount of bussed education. What can be done at the point of controlling and reducing this transport? We have another study on village schools. Other preparations are underway, such as for primary school children to continue their education in their village. We have a general directorate for support services, a chamber of servants and other relevant representative organizations, the Ministry of Health and so on. He's walking there too. It is not clear. Half of the class is getting on the service because half of them will come. The epidemic is at a certain level and if we are implementing part-time work as a scenario, there is half the class on Monday-Tuesday. Therefore, there is half in the service. " he spoke.

Free masks will be distributed to students

Stating that teachers and students will use masks, Selçuk continued as follows: “We will give the mask to students and teachers free of charge. We have a washable mask standard here. This is the standards of the Ministry of Health. With that standard, we will give our children washable masks. It also makes vocational high schools. We can do it at N95. We will give it again when the time comes. We will not give once a year. Students do not have a mask problem. Our expectation is for students to be in masks everywhere. However, some of our children have allergic problems that sometimes have trouble breathing, keeping that distance while listening. We discussed this with the Scientific Committee, and we will bring the standard in LGS there. We did R&D for the mask that does not steam glasses. "

Stating that they also work on age range and awareness raising in using masks, Selçuk said, “We have life studies lessons. As soon as the schools are opened, there will be a week in the context of this lesson as well as an adaptation week in general. The lesson will not be taught that day. That week will be training, awareness raising and awareness week. Which class and which age group will do which activity, which game will play… We will also do it to high schools. We will do this through play. This will all be with group games. There is a list of contactless games. These last Sunday I was with the children of agricultural workers, we played with them in the fields. We have many games related to this. " used the expressions. Selçuk informed that related videos are also prepared and that they have ready-made game lists.

"Children go to school for their friend"

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk said, "Is it obligatory for children to receive physical education, technology has developed, can't education be given at home?" He made the following assessment on the question: “There is a school in the world called homeschooling. As someone who has worked in the field of educational psychology for years, I know this clearly. School is not just a curriculum. School is a life scene, an environment for socialization, a window of opportunity regarding inheritance of values. Must think about parents. Parenting for 24 hours is not easy, mothers and fathers are tired. We cannot talk about such a thing without regulating the business world and putting other options in an ecosystem. Even if we do, we should not do it even if we can. The child learns from the child. The children go to school for their friend. Socialization among children is important. The children kiss the screen. The screen is not enough. ” Emphasizing that the spiritual bond between the teacher and the child is very important, Selçuk said that this did not go through the screen. Stating that it is very important to be face to face, Selçuk explained that this is not a curriculum issue.

"Distance education will continue even if schools are opened"

Ministers Selcuk, seen in the first case to be in Turkey and within a week after the schools closed, including the contents of three television channels that they have established, 3 thousand 3 program, said they pulled the TRT's support for distance learning in the process. Mentioning that it was prepared in 358 days with the editing and editing of a single program, Selçuk noted that the shooting took place in 5 studios in Istanbul and Ankara. Selçuk stated that after the shooting of the first lessons, they increased the trial shots and found teachers who were prone to cameras. Stating that they also opened a training program called “In Front of the Camera Teaching” for teachers to use the right techniques in front of the camera, Selçuk said, “Distance education will continue even if schools are opened. We do not let go. We will also give all the lessons available at the school on TV. " said.

Minister Selçuk stated that 1000 of the technical team consisting of approximately 674 people who took part in the program shootings were teachers, and that this team started shooting next year. Selçuk also expressed his regret for the news of the death of writer Asım Gültekin. Emphasizing that Gültekin has made great contributions to the field of literature, Selçuk said, “Those who have a great knowledge on the integrative nature of matter and meaning will know what I am trying to say, it is a huge loss. A very big example is ahead of us. May God have mercy on him, I extend my condolences to his family. " he spoke.

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