Mattress Mattress Industry in 2020 and Later

white bed comforter during daytimne
white bed comforter during daytimne

Everyone needs a good night's sleep. Regular sleep is as important as the air we breathe. Young people, old people, even animals need to close their eyes when it's time. And now, with the coronavirus pandemic process, almost all of us had to close our rooms and our bed became the most popular place for us. Normally we spend 30% of our time asleep. In the current situation, this rate is probably much higher. Some have nothing to do but sleep, making it one of the most in demand products right now.

So much time spent in bed made people understand that they needed new beds, and the bedding industry is well aware of this.

Bed in Box

The invention of the mattress concept in the box led to a new revolution in the mattress industry. The bed in the box was first released in 2006 via At first, people approached with a bit of skepticism because they had the advantage of visiting old-fashioned bed stores to try out the mattress before buying. However, their low prices attracted the attention of both customers and competitors. In 2008 Brooklyn bedding and then in 2012 Tuft & Needle was released. The bed-in-box concept made it easier for companies to deliver mattresses to the customer at the door. This led to a huge growth in online mattress sales.

bedroom ceiling chandelier
bedroom ceiling chandelier

Sleeping Giants Awakened

I The research, by, shows that the mattress market is expected to grow by hundreds of millions of dollars over the next five years. Companies producing beds and mattresses are doing their best to adapt to new changes. From focusing on online sales to collecting sleep data, they do their best to stand out in the competition. Contactless delivery and intensive hygiene efforts are just some of the tactics used to ensure the survival and development of the industry. Supply chains are shortened, delivery times are decreasing and security is spending very serious efforts.

When routines are interrupted, such as now, good sleep helps eliminate discrepancies. When a person suffocates in anxiety, sleep is good for him, and when fatigue and exhaustion rise to unbearable degrees, sleep turns into a good escape point. While the time we are in is frightening for all of us, it is an exciting process for the bedding industry, especially in America, where more and more people fall from the virus to bed and thousands of people suffer from sleep problems. However, this industry is aware of the importance of its role in this process, as can be seen from its effort to fight the virus.

Right Side of the Bed

in the US International Sleep Products Association He was actively involved in the fight against COVID-19, fully aware of his growth projections. Tempur Sealy, one of the biggest names in the bedding industry, is reported to produce more than 20.000 beds a day to respond to viral infections. Everton Mattress has taken heart in making 5000 masks and distributing them among basic workers such as firefighters, police and of course health workers.

Sleeping With One Eye Open

The bedding industry trends are changing. As of now, we expect the mattresses most in demand to be antimicrobial, antifungal and easy to clean. Liquid-proof mattresses are also expected to be in demand by a large audience. Some hospitals will have to serve more patients than they can afford now, which will lead to the need for more beds. As hospitals are built over weeks and personal isolation becomes more popular; bed mattresses, especially single mattresses, will sell like cheese bread. Free shipping and a long-term trial option make buying mattresses easier than ever.

Green Eyed Monsters

As a business, shifting to environmentally friendly green production has never been this important in history. Sustainable production processes and environmentally friendly materials have now become a priority. Mattress manufacturers have focused their attention on organic or natural materials. Many are trying to do their best to get certificates confirming that their mattresses do not contain harmful substances. Mattresses made from natural materials are always longer lasting than mattresses made from synthetic materials. Wool, for example, is known for its ability to prevent moisture, which is one of the factors that trigger the spread of moisture coronavirus.

Same thing goes in bed

Mattress companies are seeing an increase in social media followers and website visits, and this is no surprise given that the world is being pushed into an unfamiliar state.

Many workers are now working from home; For example, Twitter allowed its employees to work from home indefinitely. Since the pandemic period creates panic air in humans, a good sleep has a very therapeutic effect for those who are concerned about the virus. The fact is that confectionery has never been more important to mental health.

The mattress industry has suddenly reached a very, very important point and companies in the market are doing their best to prove their worth.

Maybe you are going to isolate yourself by going somewhere with a caravan, or maybe you are sleeping in a hospital ward, or maybe you are not able to share a bed with anyone right now. Whatever your situation, wherever you are; you probably need a mattress. After all, those who lie with their dogs will face fleas when they stop, so don't let bed bugs bite you!

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