127 Train Accidents in Two Years at TCDD, Loss of 1 Billion TL!

tcdd two-year train accident billion TL loss
tcdd two-year train accident billion TL loss

TCDD announced that 127 'major' train accidents occurred in two years. 2019 million TL loss expected by the institution in 703 has reached 1 billion 87 million TL

Republic of Turkey referred to the recent train accident in the incapable and appoint State Railways (TCDD) has included in the annual report information about the 2018-2019 year. In the report, 2018 in 71; In 2019, a total of 56 'major' accidents occurred, including 127.

The report did not include information on 'minor accidents'. The company anticipated the loss to be 2019 million 703 thousand TL by the end of 284. However, at the end of the year, this loss was exceeded and reached 1 billion 87 million TL.

One of the remarkable data in the report was the lawsuits filed against the company:

  • A total of 2019 cases with a value of 25 million 991 thousand TL were opened in 328. The number of lawsuits filed by the company was announced as 17.
  • A total of 10 thousand 464 complaints were made through the social media and communication line.


Hasan Bektaş, President of United Transport Employees Union (BTS), noted that accidents have increased in the past 20 years: “There are various reasons for accidents. The first is uncompromised assignments on railways. Those who worked in the institution, who worked for years with this institution, fell into the institution. The ruling turned the railways into its own political propaganda tool. Endless projects were opened before the election, causing accidents. With the law enacted in 2013, the institution started to be privatized. The number of staff decreased rapidly. Many tasks under the name of mechanics were loaded on the machinists. First, a machinist undertakes the job of four different titles and employees are forced to make mistakes. ”


According to the decision to appoint published in the Official Gazette yesterday signed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey TCDD depends Rail Vehicle Industry Company A. Sh. Aziz Aksoy was appointed as a member of the (TÜRASAŞ) Board of Directors. Aksoy, who was a candidate candidate for Düzce Mayor from AKP in the last March 31 local elections, also in the years when IMM was under the AKP administration, Transportation Inc., İSBAK A.Ş. He worked as a manager in İstanbul Halk Ekmek A.Ş. In addition, Aksoy worked as a Specialist in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation.

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