Zero Km Dealers are Shifting to Second Hand Auto

zero km dealers are shifting to second hand car
zero km dealers are shifting to second hand car

Turkey, a key player in the used vehicle market, CEO of the Muhammad Ali Karakas, spoke about the remarkable change in the used car market in recent years.

Karakaş stated that the dealers selling zero mileage vehicles are turning to the second hand due to the shortage of imports in the zero-kilometer vehicle market and disrupted production processes. It became clear how important it is to provide holistic services online under a corporate roof. The research we conducted last month revealed that we achieved 97,5 percent customer satisfaction in this challenging period. ” Stating that the balances in the used car park have also changed, Karakaş said that in the first 2020 months of 5, the A segment was the class that experienced the highest increase in price, with a rate of 19,5 percent, and 2011, 2012, 2014 were the model years with the highest increase in price. CEO Muhammed Ali Karakaş made remarkable shares about the dynamics changing with the new normalization process in the automotive industry. Karakaş stated that a new second-hand car world, which now provides holistic services under a corporate roof and that captures the digital world, will take shape, said, “We are in an irreplaceable digitization process. There is a serious trend towards online integrations and the second-hand market in the entire industry. Even zero km dealers slip to second hand cars in this period. In the research we conducted last month, it has reappeared how important our investment in digital world and holistic services for 6 years has been. Our customer satisfaction is 97,5 percent. ” commented.

Price of A segment increased the most in the first 5 months

Pointing out that the consumer habits have also changed clearly, Karakaş said, “Sedan paradise is also in the background of our model, brand and bodywork obsessions in our country. Small city cars are trending due to their functionality. Looking at the first 2020 months of 5, the class, whose price increased the most due to demand, became the A segment with 19,5 percent. On the basis of model year, it is seen that the average price increase of the 20,5, 2011 and 2012 model years with an average of 2014 percent. ”

We want to make our minimum income citizen an auto owner

Stating that they have brought 6 thousand people to the car in 15 years since its establishment, Ali Karakaş, CEO of, said that they have been working hard to make low-income people a car owner. “Every individual in our country is very precious for us, all citizens, regardless of income level, have the right to own cars. We want to make everyone a car owner. For this reason, we carry out a serious study on income level and personal, easily affordable finance models. We will bring our consumers together with guaranteed, trouble-free, gleaming tools. second-hand one of every 1000 will be sold in Turkey from saying, "he continued.

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