YHT Stopped in Izmit After 3 Months

yht month stopped in izmit after the break
yht month stopped in izmit after the break

Stopped due to coronavirus measures, YHT resumed its operation on 28 May. YHT stood in Izmit on June 8 and took passengers.

High Speed ​​Trains (YHT) were temporarily stopped as of 28 March due to the ban or restriction of intercity trips in many provinces within the scope of coronavirus measures. Due to the decrease in the number of cases and deaths, the ban on intercity crossings was lifted in many provinces within the scope of normalization measures, while high-speed train services started.


While both politicians and citizens reacted after the announcement that the train will not stop in Kocaeli, AKP Kocaeli Deputy İlyas Şeker announced that the high-speed train will start on 8 June (today). YHT, who left Konya from Istanbul today, stopped at Izmit Train Station at 09.26. While 14 people were getting on the train from Izmit, 21 from YHT to Ankara and YHT from Istanbul to Ankara got on the train. In addition, the fires of the citizens who were going to get on the train were first measured and then they were bored with disinfection. Citizens stated that they were happy due to the resumption of flights in Izmit.

Source: the Kocaeligazete



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