Yang Ming Expands Eastern Mediterranean America Services

yang ming expanded east america america services
yang ming expanded east america america services

Yang Ming, to offer a more comprehensive service network as well as the services available from the Eastern Mediterranean Turkey - America (entrust East Mediterranean and America Service) was launched at the service.

Since 2009, Turkey in one of the world's leading shipping companies in Taiwan, Yang Ming and Arkas Holding, which operates in partnership with Yang Ming Anatolia, Mersin and Izmir to launch the Eastern Mediterranean - has expanded from the services of the American service from Turkey. The company offers competitive transit time and more frequent voyages to its customers with its new direct American service. Genoa and Algecirasliman calls along the service route also expand the service network in the Mediterranean.

The route of the EMA service; Mersin - Izmir (Aliaga) - Piraeus - Genoa - Algeciras - New York - Norfolk - Savannah - Algeciras - Haifa - Alexandria - Mersin

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