Turkey's First Local and National Electric Train Set to Support Production of Verdi ASAS

turkiyenin gave the first domestic ASAS and production support of the national electric train set
turkiyenin gave the first domestic ASAS and production support of the national electric train set

TÜVASAŞ plant in Sakarya with local and national resources in the design and manufacturing of complete ASAS also gave support Turkey's first domestic electric railway located in the aluminum extrusion profiles of the leading companies in our production countries.

Turkey's leading industrial companies of Turkey and the International Railway Industry Standard with the IRIS certification, the first-aluminum manufacturer ASAS, 160km / h with proper design and produced in TÜVASAŞ plant in Sakarya, Turkey, provided the domestication of support to the project of the first domestic electric trains.

ASAŞ, which produces structural and various aluminum profiles in various sizes for the world's largest rail sector manufacturers, is also used for interior trim, doors, windows, steps etc. used in the rail system. It also produces its profiles. ASAŞ, which is also involved in European Union projects for R&D and engineering activities in the rail system, also conducts project collaborations with universities and research institutes in the rail sector.

ASAŞ with its current technology and capabilities; It has the ability to produce more than 40% of the aluminum profiles that make up the train body used in rail transportation systems. In addition, the company continues to work to improve its production capability to serve 100% localization of its structural profiles, which form the body of the national train and high-speed national train, in order to support localization.

Over 15 years of experience

Turkey's first aluminum manufacturer with the IRIS certification ASAS, for more than 15 years produces a variety of products for the rail system. ASAŞ; special alloy and different cross-sectional aluminum structural profiles, doors, wagon skirt profiles, disabled platforms, lighting and passenger luggage system parts, seat and floor connection profiles, disabled platforms, rigid catenary systems manufactures many more aluminum parts on CNC benches and robotic welding lines.

Shift to Rail program covered supported by the European Union for the first time from Turkey ASAS, mat4rail project was awarded with a grant from the EU. Within the scope of the project, in which 7 companies from 15 countries participated, ASAŞ had worked on innovative exit door design.

ASAŞ also shares its experiences by providing design, R&D and engineering support, as well as production technologies, and makes significant contributions to the whole process of the realization of its projects. Heavy rail systems with partners (metro, tram, high-speed train) in the R & D center within the special projects developed by Turkey ASAS of the leading industrial companies complete special projects to work together to alleviate 15% of the weight of the joint business in Europe produced by the body did. Another business partner also contributed to shortening the supply chain, keeping quality and securing business processes by producing aluminum kits with different craftsmanship and features from suppliers.

More than 5 tram sets consisting of 7 - 1.000 wagons manufactured from profiles of ASAŞ, which has all the technical and engineering infrastructure of the developed countries of the world in the rail systems sector abroad; It continues to be used in Europe, Asia and North Africa.


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