Turkish Red Crescent Street is Closed to Traffic for 45 Days

turk kizilayi street closes to gun traffic
turk kizilayi street closes to gun traffic

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş said, “Let Etimesgut people hear the people of Sincan. Even though you do not give credit, I will do it despite you. ”Works for the project that will solve the traffic problem of İstasyon Caddesi have been accelerated. Mayor Yavaş announced that the Turkish Red Crescent Street, where the construction of the 2-bridge junction is under construction, will be closed to traffic for 30 days starting on Tuesday, June 45.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality accelerated the work after hitting the first pickaxe for Istasyon Avenue, which is one of the regions where the capital traffic is dense and whose traffic problem has not been solved for many years.

Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who shared an important share about the Turkish Red Crescent Street, which is one step of the project that will hit the traffic density of the Etimesgut and Sincan region through his social media accounts, said, “We are continuing to construct 2 bridged junctions to solve the traffic problem of the Etimesgut and Sincan regions. In this context, the Turkish Red Crescent Street will be closed to traffic for 30 days starting from June 45. You can use alternative routes to avoid disruption in traffic flow. ”


Due to the intense complaints of the citizens living in the Etimesgut and Sincan region, the construction of İstasyon Street, where Mayor Yavaş requested credit for its construction in the Metropolitan City Council but was rejected, is carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality.

Türk Kızılay Caddesi will be closed to traffic for 30 days starting from Tuesday, June 45, in order not to jeopardize traffic safety during construction works that continue with the intensive work of the Science Department teams.

Alternative routes where President Yavaş informs citizens with video sharing are as follows:

- Vehicles going from the Xinjiang and Etimesgut to the city center by using İstasyon Avenue and the Turkish Red Crescent Street; İstasyon Caddesi-Turgut Özal Bridge- Etiler Caddesi-City Center.

- Vehicles going to the city center and Eskişehir Road; Bağlıca Boulevard via Etimesgut Boulevard following Şehit Hikmet Özer Street.

- Vehicles to go to the city center from the Xinjiang region; Ring Road-Ayaş Yolu-Şehir Merkezi from İstasyon Caddesi.

- Vehicles to go in the direction of Sincan and Etimesgut by using Ankara Boulevard from the City Center; From Şaşmaz Junction, İstanbul Yolu-Ayaş Yolu-Etiler Caddesi can be used on Sanayi Boulevard.

In the first place, there will be an uninterrupted connection to Turgut Özal Boulevard at the same time, with 2 bridged junctions in front of the Turkish Red Crescent Street, the Red Crescent building and the Old Air Hospital. Within the scope of the project, the Metropolitan Municipality will also complete the road opened by the MİT building in a short time and connect it to the Turkish Red Crescent Street.

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