The Brain and Heart of the National Electric Train Set is entrusted to ASELSAN

the brain and heart of the national electric train set is entrusted to aselsana
the brain and heart of the national electric train set is entrusted to aselsana

TCDD subsidiaries in Sakarya, Turkey Wagon Industry Co. Stating that the High Speed ​​Train, which was produced with the superior efforts of the Railway Workers and the National Capital, will land on the rails on August 30, in the (TÜVASAŞ) factory, “We will come here again on 29 June and we will start the factory tests with all our friends. After that, we will have a ceremony on August 30 and start rail tests and road tests. Then, we will start operating and transport passengers this year. ”

With the 2020 Investment Program, the procurement of High Speed ​​​​Train Sets from abroad will be terminated and the way to domestic and national production will be further paved, both high speed for rail transportation technologies and billions of euros for the economy. kazanwill yell.

Realizing important breakthroughs in domestic and national production of critical technologies in various sectors, especially in the defense industry, Turkey is further reinforcing its determination in this regard with the 2020 Investment Program. The decisions regarding the “National Electric Train Set” project included in the Program constitute a remarkable example of this will. The Program, which started a new era in terms of locality and nationality in rail transportation systems, aims to support domestic industry, to develop technological competency in needed areas. kazanreducing foreign dependency, serious economic kazanIt will further advance the developments in points such as obtaining new products.

Turkey Wagon Industry Joint Stock Company (TÜVASAŞ) National Electric train sets produced maximum speed reaches 160 kilometers. With the decision taken in 2013, TÜVASAŞ, which is assigned to produce national electric train sets, is ready to produce 240 aluminum body vehicles annually. The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil Karaismailoğlu, who examined the construction stages of the national electric train sets on site, gave the good news that the High Speed ​​Train produced with domestic and national capital will land on the tracks on August 30.


Minister Karaismailoğlu, who examined the National Train, made a statement and said, “We are on the eve of a very important agenda for our country and for Sakarya. It is the first time that we witness the final stages of the domestic and National Electric Train set in our country. Hopefully, we will take down the rails and start the tests and carry passengers as soon as possible. We established the first infrastructure within the scope of the project. The aluminum body production, painting and sandblasting facilities of our train were commissioned in 2019. The operating speed of our National Electric train sets is 160 kilometers. In addition, our work is continuing very fast for the domestic high-speed train that can reach 225 kilometers per hour and provide comfortable transportation service to the citizens. Our young friends in R&D focused on this issue. Our suppliers are domestic. Our national train has served as a locomotive in the development of our industry. In our new train, passenger safety and comfort have priority. The total number of seats in a set is 324. We have reserved two of these for our disabled passengers. The train will be in special sections for disabled passengers. We equipped our train with security, automatic stopping, fully automatic air conditioning and camera systems. We continue our efforts to further lower our costs. ”


Stating that the work continues day and night by prioritizing the health of the employees during the epidemic process, Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu said, “They have worked with the prediction that we have taken our measures day and night in the context of the corona virus outbreak. As the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, our work continued in our construction sites and ministries in line with the suggestions of the Ministry of Health, by prioritizing the health of our employees. Under the leadership of our President, we have taken very important steps for the formation of the national industry on railways in the last 18 years, and we will take much more important steps. We are proud of making a national train with every part and process from the design to the implementation, safety and comfort in the railway sector. ”


Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “Our domestic national train project is one of the most important targets of branding and exporting. We would like to thank our President, who has targeted and encouraged us with our land, air and sea routes, and who has never separated his support from us. They thank everyone who worked for the national train, they made us experience this national pride. Hopefully we will come here again on June 29, and we will start factory tests with all our friends. Following this, we will have a ceremony on August 30 and start rail tests and road tests. Subsequently, we will start operating and transport passengers this year as well ”.


ASELSAN, which has recently started to transfer its capabilities in defense technologies to the civilian area, is also included in the National Electric Train Set project. Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. supplier (TÜVASAŞ), according to the contract, the Project's Train Control and Management System and Traction Chain System are supplied by ASELSAN. The Train Control and Management System (TKYS), which is described as the “brain” of a train, basically controls the vital functions of the vehicle such as acceleration, deceleration (braking), stopping, door control, passenger passes and lighting, while its comfort-oriented subsystems such as air conditioning and passenger information also manages. TKYS computer designed in a modular structure and has a high level of reliability and reliability; architecture, control, safety and reliability algorithms, hardware and embedded software are developed entirely originally. Traction Chain System (main transformer, traction converter, auxiliary converter, traction motor and gearbox) with elements that qualify as the "heart" of a train. is implemented to provide high efficiency performance with hardware and algorithms.


Currently, 106 of the 12 train sets that Turkey needs are met from abroad, and 5 of them are met by the National Electric Train project. It is stated that if the remaining 89 train sets are produced with domestic and national means, approximately 3,5 billion euros will remain in Turkey. It is stated that this situation will create a multiplier effect in the industry and the said figure will reach 6 billion Euros. This is economic kazanThe importance of placing orders to TÜVASAŞ from today is emphasized in order to obtain the production. In this way, it is noted that all the train set needs of Turkey can be easily met with domestic and national means, without facing a tight schedule and being dependent on foreign sources.


The national electric train, produced by TÜVASAŞ and whose speed is increased from 160 kilometers per hour to 200 kilometers per hour, is designed with an aluminum body and aims to be a first with this quality. The 5-vehicle set with high comfort features is developed in accordance with the intercity travel. It is also designed to meet all the needs of disabled passengers.

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