Where is Tahtalı Mountain? Tahtali Mountain Height How Many Meters? How To Get To Tahtalı Mountain?

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Tahtalı Mountain (or Mount Olympus) is located in the Western Taurus Mountains, within the Bey Mountains group, on the Teke Peninsula. It is on the borders of Antalya, southwest of Kemer, west of Tekirova. Olimpos Beydağları is within the borders of the National Park.

Its lithological structure consists of Cambrian-Crates aged clastic-carbonated rocks formed by precipitation.

The western route of the Lycian road passes through the strait on the west side of Tahtalı Mountain. Along the route, the old cedar and juniper path is taken.

There is a cable car service up to the top of the mountain. From 726 meters to 2365 meters high, 4350 meters long road can be reached. With this length, it is one of the few cable cars in the world.

There are ancient ruins in Beycik Village on the slopes of Tahtalı Mountain. There are other Hellenistic ruins in the southern skirts of the mountain, 3 km NE of Beycik.

In ancient times, along with many other mountains, it was called Olympos / Olympus Mountain, meaning the mountain of the gods.

What is Tahtalı Mountain like?

When you reach Tahtalı Mountain, extraordinary views are waiting for you. Here, watching the sun rise, enjoying and listening to the fresh air accompanied by magnificent views are among the beautiful activities.

Tahtalı Dagi also has 200 indoor and outdoor restaurants, weddings, meeting rooms, Shakespeare Mountain Bistro, paragliding, sunbathing and binocular-equipped viewing terraces and magnificent summit panorama.

Cable Car Journey to Tahtalı Mountain

Olympos Teleferik, the second longest cable car in the world and the longest cable car in Europe, unites the Mediterranean Sea and the peak of Tahtalı Mountain with a height of 2,365 meters.

It is possible to reach Tahtalı Mountain, which will stand out in Kemer with the slogan of "Sea to Sky", by a cable car that takes about 10 minutes. The cable car cabins have a capacity of approximately 80 people.

Paragliding on Tahtalı Mountain

Paragliding, which was put into service since 2011, attracts the attention of amateur and professional paragliders since it is the longest course in the world. Paragliding on Tahtalı Mountain, Escape. is organized by the company.

How To Get To Tahtalı Mountain?

Tahtalı Mountain Olimpos Teleferik is approximately 35 km from Kemer and 57 km from Antalya center. It is located between Çamyuva and Tekirova resorts. After entering the "Tahtalı Teleferik" turn over the D400 main road, you will reach the Olympos Teleferik main station by following a 7 km road. From here, you arrive at Tahtalı Mountain after a 10-minute journey by cable car.

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